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A water battle in Kandalaksha

An occasional patch of snow can still be seen in the hills but on the ground level temperatures have been in the 25-27C range for the last two or three weeks. Thus the water battle, held on Sunday, July 20, and sponsored by, a company that moved our belonging from Moscow to here in May 2013 painlessly and inexpensively.

A conference on natural and cultural inheritance of the White Sea: preservation and development

white-sea-conferencePlace: Chupa, Karelia, July 18-20 2014. Organized by the North Karelia Basin Council. Two days of intense seminars and presentations on subjects related to the cultural landscape of the Karelia coast of the White Sea. All the Kandalaksha’s high society associated with the nature reserve or environment or culture seems to be heading there.

Ask for a ride! It’s about 3 hours from Kandalaksha. Several cars should be heading to Chupa from here.

Info taken from the site of the White Sea Biological Station, Department of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

“Critical mass” bicycle rally, Murmansk, July 13

critical_massA reminder by Murmansk cyclists that they exist and deserve respect. The event starts at 2pm from the filling station at the crossing of Kolsky prospekt and ulitsa Kooperativnaya, by an advertising billboard. Found at

Moscow apartment for rent, children/pets welcomed

Two rooms, 7-th floor of Stalin-era building, 5 min. walk from Metro Kurskaya, on the Garden Ring. Windows are facing a quiet courtyard. Total area 50m2, rooms 16.5m2 each, kitchen 9m2. NOT renovated. Children and animals welcomed. Refrigerator, washing machine, diswasher. Antique furniture. Renovation possible on individual request. Rate 60 thousand roubles per month. Photos coming up. Write to (with a copy to me to for details.

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