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British cemetery in the outskirts of Murmansk

british-cemetery-murmanskThere is said to be a British military cemetery in Murmansk by Planernoye Pole (“Glider Field”), with 40 graves from 1917-1918, when an international effort was made to bail Russia out of trouble. They were moved there from from their original location at ulitsa Burkova when an amusement rides park was build there in 1970s. Most graves are symbolic, a few are real. Origin:

Greenwich Hotel

All of Kandalaksha hotels,
known and personally inspected by me

Ulitsa Pervomayskaya 24. Steps from Belomorye, close to everything. Tel. 8 921 709 2465, 8 921 668 6463. E-mail: Hotel’s page >>  It is a small pace, with eight double rooms. Rates are 1500 to 2500 (as of summer 2012 or 2013). Breakfast included. Wi-Fi, cable TV. Often booked well in advance. Those who know the local hotel scene recommend Greenwich as the most properly run of all local hotels. Vibes I picked up there make me agree.

Obutuary on Alexander Koryakin, Science Director of the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve

Alexander Sergeyevich Koryakin (commonly known as ASK) died of a heart attack on January 19 2014. His obituary has just appeared in The Russian Journal of Ornitology, Vol. XXIII, Express Issue 2014 No. 995. English translation of the above summary of his life and work written by A. Goryashkohis, Dr. Koryakin’s very close associate of 30 years, is being prepared.

New issue of Твой Рованиеми

The summer 2014 issue is here. See IN RUSSIAN :(  BUT HELPS TO GET ORIENTED IN FINLAND, WHICH IS A SOMEWHAT STRANGE PLACE, AND DON’T BELIEVE GUIDEBOOKS, THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH THERE. AT LEAST NOT IN THE NORTH. The summer 2014 issue is said to have more info and stories about Nazi parking rules in Finland – one of several reasons I’m resisting the idea of driving there.

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Polar Alpine Botanical Gardens

Логотип ПАБСИArboreum is one of the biggest attractions in Kirovsk. The establishment calls itself “the most northern botanical garden in the world”.

As of recent the Kirovsk Arboreum gained fame thanks to its director Vladimir K. Zhirov, an Orthodox fundamentalist apparetnly, who actively speaks in favour of “Christian taxonomy” and otherwise engages in activity that to you, a logocentric westerner, will not normally expect of a scientist

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