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Arctic Territory exhibition in Murmansk Nov. 17-19, and the birdwatching proposal from our friends

murmansk-regionAn exhibition to present the Murmansk region and other arctic areas of Russia is happening in Murmansk from Nov. 17 to 19. There will be Murmansk region municipalities, joint booths of Russian arctic areas and foreign countries, and presentations by major industrial enterprises active in the Arctic.
Elena Tikhonova, the minister of economic development of the Murmansk region, says that the main aim of the exhibition is to help both residents and guests of the region understand the uniqueness and potential of each of the region’s municipalities, and to form a favourable investement image of the area among entrepreneurs and investors.
The project is intended to present business projects, active or potential, and to expose the infrastructure being developed in the Arctic zone of Russia and in the Murmansk region specifically. Its aim is to provide a platform for a dialogue to develop and discuss social and economic developmenet of the Arctic zone, to share the potential of municipalities to develop internal tourism, and to expand local history knowledge of the region’s residents.

The event’s organizers hope that the exhibition will be one of key events during the Murmansk International Business Week, and will be noticed by both residents and guests of the region.

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I can visit the exhibition on your behalf or even man your booth there. Talk to me.

For more info or to arrange your participation contact Zoya Alexandrovna Efimova, the coordinator of Artcit Territory exhibition, Ministry of Economic Developmenet of the Murmansk Region, Section of Congresses, Exhibitions, and International Cooperation.. tel. +7 8152 486 419, e-mail

MurmanBirdsNow, closer to home, our birdwatching friend Evgeny Potorochin of MurmanBirds is participating in the event with his presentation of birdwatching tourism development plan. A condensed version of it is to appear on shortly.

The recent visit to Varzuga

It must have been my 5th visit to Varzuga. The first new object noticed was a freshly painted outhouse right as you enter the village. varzuga-outhouse

A practical addition to the village household till you enter it.

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Sorting out photos from the recent trip to Kuzomen

Here is a series of particularly silly horse images of “wild” Kuzomen horses. Photos taken by Alexandra. You travellers are encouraged to sign up for a trip there and to Umba and Varzuga.horses-kuzomen-1

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Beauty Kanda’s Tales festival August 29

beaty-kandas-storiesA big town event is happening this Saturday, August 29 by the Spolokhi Hotel.

Performances by folk groups, historic reconstruction, tasting of home teas and jams, stalls by local artisans etc.

We visited the event last year, found it enjoyable, and can recommend it to anyone who happens to be travelling through Kandalaksha.