Questions on Russian travel (in particular to the north-west of European part of the country), working, or living are most welcomed. Write to, contact me via Skype at Uncle_Pasha_2011, or use chat at the bottom right corner of this page.

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Rowing regatta in Umba June 20 2015

pomor-rowing-regattaThe 18th Pomor Rowing Regatta is scheduled for June 20, starts at 12 noon, in the Malaya Pir-Guba bay in Umba. Anyone in possession (own or rented) wooden boat is welcomed.

Registration required, deadline June 19 noon.

Contact ul. Dzerzhinskogo 40, tel. (81559) 5-13-60; 8 (81559) 5-17-44, e-mail;

In ancitipation of the travel season did a review of the short-term apartment rental offers

1Found four offers in Kandalaksha, all one-room, all at ~1000 roubles/night, which is considerably cheaper than staying at a hotel (~2000+R/night):

Ulitsa Pervomayskaya 57, 8 952 296 0901 (central)

Ul. Kirovskaya 24, 8 963 358 8006 (train station area)

Ul. Sovetskaya 18, 8 921 169 1846 (“Military barracks” area)

Ul. Pronina 11, 8 953 300 2547

1000 roubles at the current exchange rate is $20US.

Source: Through the site you can contact owners by e-mail.

Need these offers to be checked out on your behalf? I’m at your service.

Based on our past experience short-term rental apartments are often not supplied with linen and other essentials. Mind you, that was 2-3 years ago..

The last floes

These photos were taken May 4-9, near Kandalaksha and Luvenga. Nothing remained of this ice today.
Photo Gennady Alexandrov, Alexandra Goryashko.

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Youri Gagarin museum opens in Safonovo just north of Murmansk reports that the house where Gagarin lived during his pre-cosmonaut days while serving for the northern air fleet has been moved to the closed military town of Safonovo ~25km NE from Murmansk, where it has been restored and made part of the local aviation museum exposition.

The museum can be visited “by appointment only” and a permit, said to take about a month to obtain, is required to enter Safonovo.

Museum’s tel. number is  +7(81537)64398.

May 23 ban on the sale of alcohol

sobrietyYou won’t be able to buy any type of booze, including beer, the whole of May 23, 2015 because it’s the “end of school” day.

Stock up, or get ready to spend the day unanesthetized.

Water quality in Kandalaksha district said to be OK reports that Kandalaksha and area water is safe before it enters the distribution system, and if I correctly understood the story, it remains borderline acceptable when delivered to households through dirty rotten pipes.

Still, the official advice is to boil water before drinking it.

My own nose tends to be skeptical about this advice, and I recommend you get your water from one of several springs around the city.

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