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Snow Village in Kirovsk is open to guests

Today, December 20, began the next season in the Snow Village.

5Operation time:

weekdays from 11.00 to 21.00,
weekends and holidays from 11.00 to 21.00,
without interruption.

Cost on weekdays - 400 rubles,
on the weekend - 600 rubles.

for children from 7 to 14 years:

on weekdays - 200 rubles,
on the weekend - 300 rubles.

You can order a group tour.

Contact Information:

+ 7-921-510-00-06
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Christmas (Orthodox) holidays in Chupa, North Karelia

Our ecology friends from Chupa (North Karelia) keep coming up with new programs, and we keep spreading the word.

Having just attracted enough of those desiring to freeze their butts off during the New Year tour (31 декабря – 6 января), Julia and Vasily have immediately announced their invitation for the Christmas tour.


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International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs, Russia interest articles

 Indigenous people of the Far North. Current numbers in thousands

Indigenous people of the Far North. Current numbers in thousands.

Alexandra has just discovered and called to my attention their website that writes, among other things, about Russian north. Here are two examples of recent Russian-interest articles:

Free-hall “Valhalla” opens in Apatity

valhallaA new arts center promises to open on Jan. 1 2015 in Apatity. It is intended to house live concerts, theme parties, festivals, art exhibitions, workshops etc. etc. The new hall aims at aleviating the shorage of universal cultural space in the Apatity and Korovsk area, and in the Murmansk region as a whole. The announcement on Valhalla’s VK page promises an intense program up to the (Orthodox) Christmas on Jan. 7. Location: ul. Stroiteley 8e.

Charming old photos of Kandalaksha

Selected by Alexandra from and All photos can be clicked to a bigger size. Some locations are still clearly recognizeable.


Train station square. The overpass is still there.

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“The World of Leonard Cohen”, Murmansk, Dec. 13

leonard-cohenA Russo-Norwegian event held at the the Murmansk College of Arts at ulitsa Vorovskogo 14 on December 13, 2014, starting at 5pm.

I’m glad there are examples of cultural collaboration like that despite the Ukraine story and repeated Russian near-violations of Norwegian air space.