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Neblogora: airship crash, mica mine, and ghost village


This monument was installed in 1971 where the airship disaster happened in ’38, and upgraded in 2009

An interesting point in the vicinity of Kandalaksha has been called to my attention. It is the NebloGora mountain, 25km west from the city. The place was made famous by the 1938 airship crash, when a Dolgoprudny-made blimp rushed to the rescue of the Papanin mission ran into NebloGora. Then, in the 40s-50s, mica was discovered there and a mining village built. It operated till mid 90s. Below are some photos of the village and the mica mine nearby, taken from via, now in the status of “ghost town”.

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Sredny and Rybachy Peninsula Nature Reserve

sredny-n-rybachyIt is in near plans, with “access for organized group tourists only”. Private travellers watch out as you may be kept out.. Lots of complaints floating around to the effect that the borders of the proposed reserve have been drawn in a manner that does not protect anything of value. In short, if planning a trip there don’t assume anything other than that a little local scandal is brewing.

rybachy-peninsulaPS. has recently published a series of photos of Rybachy that I recommend.


Between autumn and winter, between sea and sky

Frost -20C but the sea has isn’t  frozen over. If you climb the mountain at this time, you will see not only the whole city..

1But also huge clouds of steam above the sea

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It is amazing how people of the North love their north

They run around and take pictures all the time instead of remaining at home under a warm blanket as it makes Uncle Pasha. And they give their photos a romantic names in addition …

Winter Ball. Photo by Maria Baranovskaya

Winter Ball. Photo by Maria Baranovskaya

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