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Now ready to travel to Finland


Re-entering Russian Federation


At the deer park near Salla

Bureaucratic arrangements (car and health insurance) have been pretty straight-forward, and the whole recent trip, including the border crossing at Salla, was rather uneventful.

I’m thus pleased to announce that I’m now ready to travel there on behalf of my clients.

The distance from salla-to-kandalaksha-179Kandalaksha to Salla crossing is 179km (200 to Salla itself), so the cost of picking you up (up to 3-4 persons and their possessions can fit into my car with relative ease and comfort) at Salla or area or getting you there would be $200+$250=$450.($200 is “car upkeep” -fuel, maintenance, insurance – at 50 cents/kilometer, and $250 is my fee for the day.)

Summer over

first-snowIt was Fall equinox yesterday or today, first real ground frost this morning, and snow (or hoarfrost) seen up in the hills. From now on it is going to deteriorate pretty quick into a miserable arctic winter and polar night.

I’ll gladly consider assignments involving travel any place “south” from here. And even St. Peters or Moscow is “south”..

“A trip to Kolvitsa” book is in the process

Memorial stone, Lolvitsa. A photo by Gennady Alexandrov.

A stone that commemorates 120 years of Kolvitsa. Photo by Gennady Alexandrov.

“A trip to Kolvitsa” is the name of the book currently “in the process”. This project won the First All-Russian competition “Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages” (The Timchenko Fund). The project is performed by youth movement “EcoDozor” (EcoWatch) of the Kola Ecological Center jointly with youth center “Harmonia” of the City of Kandalaksha. Immediately involved are Ludmila and Gennady Alexandrov, and Alexandra Goryashko. Artist Valentin Myzdrikov is working on the book’s cover.

Kolvitsa, one of several villages along the Kandalaksha cost of the White Sea, has a rich and unique history. Unlike other, Pomor, villages, Kolvitsa was founded by migrants from Karelia, and thus maintained, for many years, its cultural and linguistic uniqueness.

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