Lovozero and Seidozero crowd


One of “public” accommodation options near Seidozero. Much more on vk.com/seidozero

Stumbled into this vk.com group that purports to unite all connoisseurs of the area, from travellers to guides to artists and film-makers with an interest or expertise in Lovozero and especially Seidozero and surrounding tundras. Lots of travel practicalities like getting there and finding accommodation. A few ads for travel companions. A live dynamic resource, recommended.

A guide to Kandalaksha district

guideJust got a fresh off-the-press copy of a Guide to Kandalaksha District. Includes places from Alakurtti and Salla border crossing in the west to Nivsky and Pinozero in the north to Zerechensk and Poyakonda in the south to Kolvitsa in the east. Hotels, guesthouses, entertainment, souvenirs – all the things you travellers need. Plus a lot of sites, attractions, history notes, and current events. A truly comprehensive piece of work. For the time being in Russian only but a lot is doubled on this site, kandalaksha.su.

Underwater photographer in Poyakonda

By Alexandra -

Contrary to common opinion, the White Sea (which can be considered a bay of the Barents Sea)is not cold and dead. I’d like to present my colleague and namesake Alexander, whose job and passion is to photograph White Sea creatures. He spends a lot of time in the Moscow Sate U. research station near Poyakonda, right on the arctic circle.

This White Sea jellyfish photo by Alexander Semonov won recent “Wild Nature of Russia” contest by the National Geographic (Russia) magazine

This worm made it to Nature Magazine

Here is an article about him by  in Time – Science and Space – Wildlife, January 15, 2013 >>

More pictures of Alexander Semenov on his website Clione.ru (English)and in his blog (Russian).

Unfortunately, perhaps one of the country’s and the world’s greatest underwater photography experts profoundly lacks interest in organizing diving tours in exchange for contemptible $$. If you happen to be real hot about immersing yourself into this see with a camera, tell me, and I’ll put you in touch with people in or around Kandalaksha. Write to alexandragor4@yandex.ru or leave a comment below. Or, better, do both because at least 5% of e-mails seems to get lost in transit.



How to catch aurora borealis

Photo made by Александр Семенов http://clione.ru/ at the White Sea Biological Station of the Moscow State University. 100km south from Kandalaksha, in September.

Photo made by Александр Семенов http://clione.ru/ at the White Sea Biological Station of the Moscow State University. 100km south from Kandalaksha, in September.

Its geographic location (alt. 67°09′25″) makes Kandalaksha a likely place to observe the aurora borels that’s usually seen between 67-70th parallels, close to Earth’s magnetic poles. Timing: September to March. One needs dark night, temperatures below freezing, clear sky, and an elevated level of magnetic activity. Yes, all these things together. It is mostly likely to happen in September, January, or February. The brightest auroras are said to be in spring and fall, around the equinoxes (March 20-21 and September 22-23). If you are strongly motivated to see aurora use Space Weather forecasts that reflect the strength of Sun wind. After a flash in the Sun the probability of seeing aurora in the next few days increases thrice. The Russian Space Research Institute’s site provides precise space weather forecasts. Also recommended for full and reliable information is the site of National Oceans and Atmosphere Agency (NOAA). Once you see a magnetic storm report get ready to observe aurora borealis. As a guide to aurora borealis see www.swpc.noaa.gov/Aurora/index.html. There you’ll see links to space weather forecasts..


hibinySome remarkable photos of the Khibiny mountains by Eugene Timashev >>

On August 25-30 Eugene will be holding a landscape photography workshop in Khibiny. Cost of participation is $800. Details in Russian >>

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