“Dutch Loft” is back on the menu in Moscow, $25/person/night, for sociable talkative English speaker

Crisis special: $25 $20/person/night!

008It’s a pleasure to announce that my present long-term tenants, a high tech-employed Russian couple with a cat and a parrot, are ready to share space in the very center of Moscow.

9 nastyaTheir motivation is not only $$ but a chance to practice their English, so the rate will be below market, or something like what it was nearly 10 years ago, $25/person/night for a place to stay, with Wi-Fi and a washing machine, in the very center of Moscow, 5-7 min. walk from Red Square.

Qualified (sociability, English)? Interested? Write to manfriday@yandex.ru with a copy to paul_voytinsky@yahoo.com and I’ll put you in touch with the couple who presently occupies the apartment.

For those who are new here is a reminder of the arrangement:

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Questions on Russian travel (in particular to the north-west of European part of the country), working, or living are most welcomed. Write to inbox@unclepasha.com, contact me via Skype at Uncle_Pasha_2011, or use chat at the bottom right corner of this page.

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The second international scientific and practical conference “Natural and cultural heritage of the White Sea”. July 17-19, 2015. Chupa, Republic of Karelia, Russia

We invite you to take part in the second international scientific and practical conference “Natural and cultural heritage of the White Sea: prospects of preservation and development”. July 17-18-19, 2015. Chupa, Republic of Karelia, Russia

Organizes conference: NGO “Basin Council of the North Karelian Coast” With supported of Lighthouse Foundation


Photos from the Conference in 2014

Contacts: Yulia Suprunenko, e-mail: yulka-tm@yandex.ru, suprunenkoyuliya@mail.ru

  • Conference purpose:

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Paintings by Irina Sidikova for sale

Our favorite artist Irina Sitdikova (Apatity city) offers to sell her work. The average cost of $10-25. The complete collection with description and price here >> We will help to contact the artist if you wish to buy her paintings.
Look at some of them…

13 16







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Shared auto travel

blablacarLess than $20 will take you from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and under $40 will drag you all the way from Murmansk to the capital. Check out www.blablacar.ru/. Rides are often available even to destinations that don’t have a good train connection. Based on my impression of their site and the hearsay I’d recommend this service fully, and will be personally testing it at the first opportunity.

Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov killed 300 meters from the Kremlin

I can’t invite you into this country. I can’t tell you how beautiful here. I do not agree with the policy of Russia, and I’m terrified of what’s happening here. I can not change what is happening in Russia. But I was born here and I am ashamed for this country.

We are still ready to provide our services if you decide to visit the north-west Russia. But I have no moral right to actively invite you here.

A video from the murder scene >>



An altogether good-looking Moscow tour guide

Here is a Moscow guide who appears to have her act together. The rates appear to be right too, even slightly lower than mine. See www.yourmoscowtour.com. If you end up hiring this guide tell her you found her through my site.

The May fun

We are starting to get enquiries about the best time to visit these places. Speaking of May, when the first surge of visitors happens, the average temperature in May is about 10 ° C. However, it can be up to 20 on certain days. Sometimes you can even sunbathe and ride a bike at the end of May. But there is still snow in the mountains so biking and sunbathing can be combined with mountain skiing or snowboarding.

Here is an example of skiing in May on Okatyeva mountain, about 20 km east of Kandalaksha, between Luvenga and Kolvica. Video by Alexander Trunkovsky

The Venedict Yerofeev museum in Kirovsk

Venedict Yerofeyev (1938, Kandalaksha – 1990, Moscow) left us his Moscow to Petushki (Moscow to the End of the Line), a poignant satirical account of Soviet life in the 60s. This museum, occupying one large room in the Kirovsk City Library, is not very well known despite its web site and an article by the museum’s keeper Evgeny Shtal’. Exhibits are period articles, photos, documents from family archives, and paintings on the book’s theme. Below are a few photos of the museum.

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