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Sad stats

I’ve seen similar numbers before but here is a fresh reminder as to where we are from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center:

  • “73% agreed that America was Russia’s number one enemy”

  • “82% of the respondents supported the idea that the criticism of foreign mass media towards Russia’s President Vladimir Putin could be considered as an attempt to destroy the country and to make it fall apart.”

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Tourist attractions in Lovozero

The Sami Center

The most conspicuous building in Lovozero is the Sami Cultural Center. Can’t miss it. The main street (ul. Sovetskaya) starts at the Sami Center. Exhibitions and events are regularly held there but you can’t count on these being there at the time of your visit. According to their site you can order workshops or other sort of entertainment. But we haven’t tried. We’ve walked in with a dumb questioin “What’s there to see for a tourist”. After a short talk about the center and how it works we were escorted to what appeared like the key authority on local life – Mikhail Barakovsky. more >>

More on accommodation and food at Lovozero


Internet will actively try enticing you into hotels Luyavr and Koavas. Don’t fall for it. That Luyavr is no longer we found out before the trip over the phone. Koavas would not respond the phone and was discovered in the state of utter lifelessness.
There is a large and conspicuous building in the center of the village – the only one suitable and intended to become a hotel but now in the state of neglect, and no definite info is available about its future. There are rumours – but no more than that – that in some future time it will become a hotel.

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