Questions on Russian travel (in particular to the north-west of European part of the country), working, or living are most welcomed. Write to, contact me via Skype at Uncle_Pasha_2011, or use chat at the bottom right corner of this page. … more >>

Rumours confirmed: Umba off limits to foreign travellers

According to the official site of the Ter regional administration with the center in Umba, the village itself is off limit to foreigners. If you have to travel there you need to submit an application (forms available at the Migration Services, … more >>

Hight treason charge

A certain woman called Svetlana Davydova from the Smolensk region west of Moscow was charged with high treason recently because, having noticed that the army barracks in her town have become nearly empty and having overheard a telephone conversation by … more >>

Umba. Museum of History, Culture, and Life of Tersky Pomors

Umba, ul. Dzherzhinskogo 78, tel. 8 (81559) 51532, open Tue. to Sat. 9am to 5pm, closed Sunday and Monday. The ticket costs about 50 cents. You can see the most interesting parts of the museum on these photos of Konstantin … more >>

Winter swimming competition in Murmansk March 20-22

Applications are being accepted now. As of the moment there have been 54 of them, of which 28 are from foreign participants. It is to be held at the Semonovskoye lake under the monument to the defenders of the polar … more >>

Murmansk Gay & Lesbian organization charged with being a “foreign agent” without due registration

Among “political activity” incriminated to Murmansk gays and lesbians were the handling out of promotional calendars and a trip of their activists to Finland, Norway, and Sweden to discuss the situation with gay rigths in Russia and how to help … more >>

“Stone Flower” Exhibition in Apatity Feb. 11-15 2015

A yearly exposition and fair “Stone Flower” is to be held in the city of Apatity from Feb. 11 to Feb. 15 this year. Location: The Palace of Culture, ul. Lenina 24, 11am to 8pm. The entrance ticket is 30 … more >>

Summer and winter images of Teriberka, where Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan was partly filmed and recently shown

Summer: Sign up for an epic trip between Moscow and the Kola Peninsula by a 4×4 and a camper, or with accommodation in small inexpensive guest houses, with Uncle Pasha as your personal driver and guide. Any time, winter or … more >>

A guide (possibly/probably free) in St. Petersburg

Got the following letter from a woman in St. Petersburg: “I am a traveller, good cook, very simple and easy going, well educated and working in newspaper, joga addicted, interesting in other cultures. If you are easy-going man and  going … more >>