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Watercolours from the recent festival in Teriberka

I reported earlier about the New Life festival in Teriberka July 11-12. Now one of our extra-energetic friends, Anna Mikhailova, went there and came back with a series of watercolours that I’m here sharing with you. Here:


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A hotel discovered in the heart of Hibiny

kuelporrHotel Kuelporr is a neat place lost in the middle of nowhere in the Khibiny mountains, 20km north from Kirovsk, latitude 33.7294006, longitude 67.6358871. Accessible in the winter by snowmobile only, closed May and June, and October to early December because the road to the hotel is impassable by any transportation during these dreadful between-season periods. For those looking for a profound Khibiny experience.

Tel.: +7 921 510 0030, e-mail:

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Village of Chupa information center

Information Center of the Village of Chupa invites enquiries about the North-Karelian region.
Address: Ulitsa Korguyeva 7, office 8.
Tel./fax: +7 81439 41144
Mobile: +7 921 523 4498

Photo by Igor Georgievski

Chupa. Photo by Igor Georgievski

The Center is operated by the Karelian Regional Public Organization in Support of Sustained Development and Nature Protection “Basin Council of the North-Karelian Coast”.

There a traveller can get the following types of support:

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A remarkable set of photos from a recent trip to the Rybachy peninsula

Unfortunately, Rybachy is one of the areas where foreign travellers are required to have a permit that takes two months to obtain (read more about the permit business here, and talk to me if you need help).

But here is a remarkable set of very recent (summer 2015) photos from the place:


WW2 metal


Rock at Cape Nemetsky – the most northern tip of Rybachy.


What’s left of WW2 fortifications

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“Sun City – Craftsmen’s City” festival August 14-16 2015 between Kandalaksha and Luvenga

sun-cityBased on a recent report.

Handcrafts, felt-making and pottery workshops, music and dancing mini-classes and much more promise to make this event fun.

This will be the festival’s 12th year.

Location: 9th kilometer of the Kandalaksha to Umba road (between Kandalaksha and Luvenga), turn to Peschany Ruchey (“Sand Stream”), and follow the side dirt road to the sea. Or take the old road along the sea from Luvenga towards Kandalaksha..

A report from last year’s Sun City festival, with a film and lots of photos >>

“White Noise” festival in Chupa

It co-incided with the Conference “Nature and Cultural Inheritance”, and it was in fact held within walking distance, so we visited this gathering of 2000 Russian hippies. Here are some photos from our two hour walk there:

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A new pattern breaking waterfront restaurant

This is the waterfront view we are so used to..sea-front-kandalakshasea-front-kandalaksha-3

All of a sudden at the east end of this rotten row there pops up a new Yacht Club restaurant:

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A reminder about July 17-19 conference in Chupa, Karelia

The International Scientific and Practical Conference “Nature and Cultural Inheritance of the White Sea Region: Preservation and Development” is taking place in Chupa next weekend, Friday to Sunday. Alexandra is presenting her article on the legend of St. Cuthbert as the author of first Eider Duck protection laws.


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