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Barents and White Sea in 10 days

m2Our friend, the doctor intensive care, charmnig Tatiana and her company traveled along the route St. Petersburg – Titovka – Highlands Musta – Tunturi – Middle Peninsula – Murmansk – Teriberka – Kandalaksha – Umba – Kashkarantsy – Cape Ship – Nilmoguba – Petersburg for 10 days.

Want to do it too? We will help you choose the route according to your taste, supply a car with a driver and a translator.

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An exemplary overview of Kandalaksha and area

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Beautiful Kandalaksha – a new, undiscovered tourist destination by the White Sea

Travelling eastward along Barents Road, the fi rst Russian city to crop up after the border is Kandalaksha. A community with a dramatic history, it lies nestled in natural beauty on the White Sea. This is an area well worth a visit, a ”mere” 500 km from the eastern Swedish border.

It’s often said that the journey is worth the trip, but in Kandalaksha’s case, the destination is the highlight. Once you’ve passed the border crossing at Salla, the road is lined with memories from the Great Patriotic War, as World War II was called in Russia. Large stone monuments with flowers, rusty shell cases and helmets are reminders of the battles on the Finnish- Russian front.

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Hibiny, waterfall Beautiful

The best known waterfall in the Khibiny mountains is Krasivy (beautiful) on the river of Risyok, not far from its mouth, in the center of the Kukisvumchorr mountain crest. Being wide-known and easily accessible it is called “on-duty (daily) waterfall”. The water is remarkably clean and of fantastic aquamarine colour, as in all other streams and rivers of Khibiny.


Photo by Olga Boman.


The Sandarmokh forest massif near Medvezhyegorsk

sandarmohThe Sandarmokh forest massif near Medvezhyegorsk (12km from Medvezhyegorsk towards Vologda)is the biggest shooting range and burial ground in the Russian North-West. About 10 thousand are buried here: 3500 Karelians, 4500 White to Baltic sea canal workers, and 1000+ political prisoners from Solovki, all shot in 1937-1938, at the height of purges. Now it is a memorial cemetery.

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Guest houses in Kuzomen, Chavanga, Pyalitsa, Strel’na

Insider info from Julia Solntseva, a local expert and a publisher of a variety of travel guides: Call 8 911 344 2772 or 8 921 281 7152 about guesthouses in Kuzomen, Chavanga, Pyalitsa, or Strelna. Or write to, Svetlana.

Here is a map clearly showing these somewhat obscure locations:


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