Monastery cape or “Japan”

By Marina Bevko

Monastic Cape is one of my favorite places in Kandalaksha.

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First snow in Kandalaksha

Today, October 26 2016, we had this fall’s first snow. Much later than in past years. On this excuse I was dragged out to the Monastery Cape and told to stop whining about local wet and cold climate, or else sit in the warm car and wait. I chose to fake cheerfulness.


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Another fire in Kandalaksha

The unfinished hotel on the Monastery Cape burned down yesterday..

That’s especially disconcerning given that about a week ago a tourist hut on top of Mount Volostnaya overlooking the city burned down too.

Historic reconstruction festival July 2 and 3

gandvikHistoric reconstruction festival “Gandvik” is taking place on the Monastery Cape (just east off Kandalaksha) on July 2nd and 3rd starting at noon. The program includes visiting the Viking camp, single and group combat, recreation of a medieval fair, and show of historic boats.

Free admission!

Historic reconstruction, Viking theme, July 1-3 2016 in Kandalaksha

vikingsThe historic period is 9-11 century. Ethnic groups represented are Scandinavians, Finno-Ugric nations, and Slavs. 40 to 60 participants are expected.

The event is organized by Northern Squad.

A medieval fair is part of the festival, and merchants are invited.

Location: Monastery Cape, just east from the city. This happening coincides with the sailing regatta.

2016 Yacht race in Kandalaksha July 3

Location: Monastery Cape, east end of Kandalaksha. Organized by the Chupa Yacht Club. Last year’s event attracted a major crowd said to number 2500+. Details >>



Sunrise and sunset in one act

The length of “the sun above the horizon” day is down to one hour. Driven by the thirst for sunrays we went to the Monastery Cape and spent the entire “day” there.
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Another film about Kandalaksha Bay regatta

That was June 30 near the Monastery Cape.

Film by Alexander Trunkovsky


Yacht race in near dead calm

yacht-race-1On June 30 the 15 yachts parcicipating in the Kandalaksha Bay regatta stopped in Kandalaksha and treated us to a race from the Monastery Cape to the Labirynth and back.

DSCN2698_01_новый размер

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