New art by Irina Sitdikova

These are on display at the yearly regional exhibition “Zapolarye (“above the arctic circle”) 2015″ in the Murmansk Regional Art Museum (Murmansk, ulitsa Kominterna 13). The exhibition opened Nov. 13 and will last till Dec. 6. Murmansk and region artists and artisans present their works there. Here is Irina’s contribution to the exhibition:
ДИКИЕ ЛОШАДИ КУЗОМЕНИ, 2015, граттаж, 58х38


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An exhibition by Irina Sitdikova, Apatity

Irina Sitdikova exhibition in ApatityThe exhibition of graphics by Irina Sitdikova will be held from Sept. 3 to Sept. 30 at Gallery M, in the city library, ul. Lenina 24, 2nd floor, in Apatity (“the cultural capital of the region”), about 1.5 hour drive from Kandalaksha.


Open Tue. to Friday 12 to 7pm, Sat. and Sun. 12 to 6pm.

Free admission.

Over 50 works, some of which are publically displayed for the first time, will be presented.

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Formally presenting artist Irina Sitdikova

sitdikovaI got a few enquiries about her, and see her name in my site’s search stats once in a while. Thus it may be time or even overdue to present this distinguished artist formally. Here is a summary about her taken from

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“Living Symbols of the Arctic” exhibition in Murmansk from May 4 to June 5 2018

An artist of our acquaintance from Apatity, Irina Sitdikova, is holding a personal exhibition in Murmansk, at Prospekt Lenina 82, from May 4 to June 5 2018.

Irina’s specialization is stylized animals: seals, reindeer, fish, birds. Most of her art is available for purchase. 

Shaman drums

shaman-drumsOne of our favourite local artists, a painter Irina Sidtikova from Apatity, came up with a new type of product, drums.

These are 15cm in diameter and 1200 roubles ($20) a piece, which is a bargain. Said to be entirely functional.

You can get in touch with Irina through her VK page or by writing to us to

Paintings by Irina Sidikova for sale

Our favorite artist Irina Sitdikova (Apatity city) offers to sell her work. The average cost of $10-25. The complete collection with description and price here >> We will help to contact the artist if you wish to buy her paintings.
Look at some of them…

13 16






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Artists from Apatity

By Alexandra


Your %##!*!! job is to promote Kandalaksha and the Kola Peninsula. Express your attitude elsewhere.

Would be travellers –

Here is something positive to offset the torrent of ugliness from our in-house killjoy old grouch Uncle Pasha. I want to introduce you to two artists who will show you the other North, joyful and cheerful. Both are based in Apatity, about halfway between Kandalaksha and Murmansk.

Above: Anna Mikhailova, who shares her time between St. Petersburg and Hibiny.

Below: Irina Sitdikova from Apatity, a fun city that Pasha very unjustly placed on his “Russian Misery Tourism” honour list.

Here are some of their works:
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