Another book: Nature and Natural Resources of the Murmansk Region

natural-resources-of-murmanskAbout 500 photos from 30 Murmansk region photographers. Photos from hard-to-access places on the shores of White and Barents sea, along the Ponoy River, on the Rybachy Peninsula etc. Photos of unique natural phenomena (aurora borealis and others), rare plants and animals, mineralogical monuments, culturalnd historic sites (labyrinths, Saami seids, stone carvings of Kanozero and paintings of the Rybachy Peninsula), and also photos of the Kola Peninsula from space.


natural-resources-of-murmansk-2The text was written by the members of the Kola Center of Nature Preservation. Well-known scientists and regional history experts acted as consultants in the course of developing the text.

Extensive illustrated material does not simply describe natural objects but helps in understanding northern ecosystems. The book shows just how succeptible to human influence northern nature is, calling to reader’s attention to the significance of many phenomena often left unnoticed.

A separate chapter is dedicated to traditional nature usage that has historically formed on the Kola Peninsula.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that, as of the moment, this is the fullest of available photo albums representing the diversity of our region.

The book was presented in Murmansk, Apatity, and several other cities of the Murmansk region.

The first edition of the book was supported by the Natural Resource Authority (which initiated the edition), the Kola Mining and Metals Company, and Barrik Gold International (financial support) in 2004. The second edition was produced by the Kola Nature Protection Center in collaboration with K&M Publisheres in 2007.

Open in PDF format, in English >>

The book can be bought for 1500 roubles (~$40) plus shipping (another ~$25) though us.

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