Dacha for rent, commuting distance from Moscow, $600/month

28An alternative accommodation options, not for everyone but here is the story.

Near the Kiev highway, 40 min. by car from Metro Yugo-Zapadnaya. 7km from Station Selyatino, about an hour by car or train from the south-west end of Moscow. A bus from Metro Teply Stan will take you to within walking distance to the dacha.

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Murmansk art in Moscow

murmansk-artIn the Central House of Artist in Moscow (Krymsky Val 10/14) soon opens a big exposition featuring 65 works, mostly from the collection of the Murmansk Regional Art Museum, by classic Murmansk artists, starting May 27 and closing on June 19.

On my way back to Kandalaksha Oct. 13

trainArriving in Kandalaksha Oct. 15 early in the morning, around 4am. No e-mail while between Moscow and Kandalaksha. Back in circulation around the middle of the day of Oct. 15.

A $10/night hostel right by the Kremlin wall

landmark-hostel-moscowA few days ago I’ve run into a hostel offering beds of the sort like on the picture above for mere 600 roubles/night (just under $10). What’s more, it is at Starovagankovsky pereulok, literally across the road from the main entrance to the Kremlin. Their second location is in Old Arbat, which is pretty good too. I am hereby sharing this info with budget travel enthusiasts. The hostel site is only in Russian but the staff speak English, and most clients seems to be travellers from distant lands. A few more hostels of the same class noticed in the area but I’ve had no occasion to inspect them in person. All-in-all I’d say Moscow, as well as the rest of the country, is at the cheapest to travel to it’s been in the last 10-15 years.

An invitation to a veg fair on Nov. 1 2015 painted on sidewalk

veg-expo-moscowA vegetarian expo is to be held in Moscow’s Sokolniki on Nov. 1. Too bad I’ll be back home to Kandalaksha by then. Judging from theis site the event promises to be fun. I believe this is the first happening of this scale in Russia.

Moscow on Monday

gloomy-muscovitesThe collective face of the city is considerably gloomier than on the weekend.

But still no traffic jams of three years ago.




Another new impression is a large – huge – number of “for rent” signs on retail property, a sure sign of economic decline.


Moscow – first impressions after 2+ years away

Irrived in Moscow yesterday at 11:35am. First impressions after being away for over two years:

(1) Neatness and cleanliness leaning towards glamour.

(2) Huge police presence.

(3) A conspicuous number of Muslim-dressed people seen on Moscow streets.


(4) The traffic situation appears to be less of a problem than three years ago although this impression may be misleading as I arrived on Saturday, when traffic is not always high.

(5) Lots of bicycles. The colour of the season is white. And folding kick scooters all over not seen at all in 2013 Moscow.

(6) Public bicycle rental is all over, both in the city center and in the outskirts.



Bike rental points are marked in green

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My Moscow apartment is available for rent starting beginning of July 2015, 55 th. roubles/month

Too bad but our wonderful tenants of two years are leaving us. Thus this Moscow apartment is available for rent starting beginning of July 2015. 5-7 min. from Red Square, 2 rooms + loft, air, washing machine.

Long-term only, 55 th. roubles/month including utilities.

The building was put up by the vodka oligarch Smirnoff in 1903. Window of our apartment, looking onto the canal, are circled in red on the photo above.

The building has its own website, where you can get acquainted with it more closely.

The apartment is quiet, cozy, and charming. Ideal for academics and creative types. All the conditions for intellectual and creative work, as well as romance.

For years I’ve been renting this place out to travellers from abroad, short-term. In the last two years an artistic couple from St. Petersburg, Xenia and Leo, have been occupying it. You can speak with them on how it is to live there.

In view of the fact that apartment owners (us) are presently far from Moscow, we are looking for long-term tenants who will appreciate the location and the apartment itself, quiet and reliable people, with whom we could transact over distance.

Children and animals are welcomed!

We’ll be happy to answer any questions. Write to manfriday@yandex.ru. Tell us something about yourself. It is important for us who lives there.

No agents please. Do not write to us. Under no conditions will we deal with an agent.

About the apartment:

Ceilings 4m. Large windows overlooking the canal. Very quiet.

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