A fine for expired metamizole in auto’s first-aid kit

first-aid-kitFinnish custom officials fined a couple crossing the border to finland at Salla an equivalent of $20 for having a few tablets of outdated metamizole (a very common analgetic in Russia) in their car’s first-aid kit.

Apparently expired medicines are legally classified as “hazardous waste” in Finland, with all the consequences.

Guess all that Syrian migrant business made the normally calm Finnish border patrol guys irritated and over-zelous in performing their duties.

Story found at www.nord-news.ru

More on Middle Eastern refugees travelling to Finland via Kandalaksha

Here is a fresh Vesti TV report on Middle Eastern refugees travelling to Finland via Kandalaksha:

It is in Russian but the key points are:

more >>

Snob.ru on Mid-eastern refugees in Kandalaksha. Fame in Russia and Finland!

refugeesNoticed an article on the flow of Eastern (Syrian, Afghan, North African etc.) refugees trying to get into Finland via Kandalaksha on the site of snob.ru, a major Federal-level monthly. We are becoming famous! The only sad thing is that I’ve had not a single request to act as a “guide” – a job that pays, according to Snob, $1500 per trip. Only a couple of accommodation request from people with Middle Eastern sounding names that didn’t show up anyway.

Full article here >>

Middle-Eastern refugees in Salla and Lotta

border-crossingAccording to www.severpost.ru there is two groups totalling several dozen refugees from Afghanistan, Nepal, Iran, Iraque, Syria etc. stuck at the border crossing points of Salla and Lotta between Russia and Finland.

After the ban on bicycles crossing the border by the Finnish side migrants are buying cheap used cars in Russia to get over to Europe.

Still, with temperatures around -25C sleeping in cars is no fun.

Hans Schaaning and the history of Pasvik

hans-skonningA book about Hans Schaanning, the Norwegian ornithologist who lived and worked in today’s Pasvik Reserve territory, was recently printed by the Pasvik Reserve.

The book is in Russian and English (starting from page 139), and it can be found online at oopt.aari.ru/ref/1028.

Recommended to those interested in Pasvik’s origin and its birds, as well as general history of the area.

The Saami site upgraded and is now available in a bunch of languages

saamiHere is the new upgraded Saami Council site in English, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian. And, of course, Saami.

See posts tagged “Saami” for related materials. Also check under the Lovozero category for the Saami related materials.

Sign up for a trip to Lovozero with me as your driver and interpreter. The cost of an overnight trip from Kandalaksha for a group of 3-4 is about $500.

A mountain peak as a gift

haltiThere is a campaign on in Norway to transfer the peak of Halti (4479ft or 1365m) of the Scandinavian Mountains, currently on Norwegian territory a few hundred feet from the border, to Finland as a gift on the occasion of Finland’s 100 year anniversary of independence to be celebrated in 2017.

Made in the Arctic: A Success Story of a Finnish Berry Trader

osmo-koluosmo-kolu-2Stumbled upon a story about a Murmansk-based Finnish businessman who actively buys and sells berries.

Osmo Kolu came to Russia 10 years ago and immersed himself into the local scene. Now he buys blueberry and cloudberry from the locals, sorts, packs, and freezes them, and sells either locally or to Europe.

An interview with him may be of interest to anyone contemplating doing business in Russia.

I’d like to remind you that the general level of prices is now the lowest it has been in the last 5-7 years due to the recent fall of the rouble, giving a significant advantage to anyone contemplating investing into and doing business in Russia.

Russian helicopter invades Finnish air space

According to pravda.ru a helicopter of “unknown origin” penetrated the Finnish air space in the east part of the Bay of Finland to the depth of about 9km and spent around 6 min. above Finland. After two warnings from the Finns it flew back to Russia.

The incident apparently took place on Thursday, Dec. 10 2015.

Finland Independence Day

finland-independenceToday, Dec. 6, is the Finland Independence Day. I take this as an opportunity to voice appropriate wishes to our Finnish friends as well as to all others who aspire to become independent from Mother Russia.