A room right by the train station

All of Kandalaksha’s hotels,
known and personally inspected by me

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A large room 5 min. walk from the Kandalaksha train station. It is something of a run-down 70s time capsule but clean bedding, running water, and a functional toilet are waiting for you.

$25 per person per night.


Circumstances permitting, you’ll get fed too, and given a complimentary tour of Kandalaksha.

Two rooms or even the entire apartment may be available in the summer for $40/night. more >>

Free accommodation for one in Kandalaksha

free-accommodationYet another one of my English students is offering free accommodation and her guidance around Kandalaksha in exchange for conversation practice.

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Just a reminder that free accommodation and guides are waiting for you in Kandalaksha

freeFree guide/accommodation: kandalaksha.su/free-accommodation-and-local-guidance-in-exchange-for-english-practice/

Free guide: kandalaksha.su/free-guide-in-kandalaksha/

What’s the catch? It’s in exchange for intensive English conversation practice. So you need to be very fluent in English, talkative, and outgoing. A couple of hours of work per day will get you a roof over your head without a need to pay for it, plus involvement in local life.

Free accommodation and local guidance in exchange for English practice

zabolotsky-familyA family who’s 10 year old son takes English lessons from me will be happy to host a talkative English-speaking traveller, free, in exchange for a couple of hours of conversation practice per day.

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The Kandalaksha Yacht Club

Visited the Kandalaksha Yacht Club yesterday. Spoke with the owner Alexey, mostly about setting up an Eider museum on the property. Have been given a tour of the place. Were impressed with the scale, taste, and perspective.

Of things that can be of interest to a traveller from afar:

(a) Accommodation. Two rooms, each with two beds and a fold-out couch, 2500/night per room regardless of the number of guests. Breakfast included. Rooms are minimalistic with no windows but clean and fresh. Peteulok Rechnoy 22 (next door to the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve), tel. +7 911 304 8101. More on this accommodation option >> more >>

The guest capacity of our apartment was tested last night

..by nine teenagers returning to St. Petersburg from the Marine Biology expedition to the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve base in Luvenga. Girls slept on fold-out couches, two per each, and boys on the floor. Arrived at 9pm, left for St. Petersburg at 8am, with no complaints about discomfort from either guests or us the hosts.

You too are welcomed to accommodate yourself here at 1000 roubles ($15 at the current exchange rate) per person per night, which I believe is the lowest rate in town. Normal guest capacity is 2 persons though. More about accommodation in our Kandalaksha apartment >>

Kanda-Viking Camp re-openes

domikiI’m pleased to announce that the Kanda-Viking Camp 27km south from Kandalaksha, on the 1138th kilometer of the St. Petersurg to Murmansk highway, near the turn to the Beloye More settlement, has reopened, and offers 5-bed houses for 3 to 5 th. roubles ($50-85).

Website www.kanda-viking.ru (only in Russian)


Spolokhi Hotel closed

closedSpolokhi is closed, for an indefinite time, due to change of ownership and a possible upgrade.

No other major changes on the Kandalaksha accommodation scene in the last year or so.

All of the accommodation scene in Kandalaksha >>

Guest house in Kolvica

We’ve personally visited it today and are happy to provide this report.

20The village of Kolvitsa is 30km east from Kandalaksha, near the Kandalaksha to Umba and Varzuga road. The guesthouse will suite those travelling along the route or those whose destination is Kolvitsa itself. The Kolvitsa Bay, where the guesthouse is situated, is one of the most picturesque places along the south edge of the Kola peninsula. Artists like coming here. Click here to see some pictures painted in Kolvitsa. Also Kolvitsa is good for sea, river, and lake fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, or just walking around.

Responses left in the guestbook often mention house owners’ hospitality, the place’s coziness, and presence of a banya. Guests are especially delighted by homemade bread and pirogies, jams, fresh fish, and a deck with a spectacular view.

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