Kanda-Viking Camp re-openes

domikiI’m pleased to announce that the Kanda-Viking Camp 27km south from Kandalaksha, on the 1138th kilometer of the St. Petersurg to Murmansk highway, near the turn to the Beloye More settlement, has reopened, and offers 5-bed houses for 3 to 5 th. roubles ($50-85).

Website www.kanda-viking.ru (only in Russian)


Spolokhi Hotel closed

closedSpolokhi is closed, for an indefinite time, due to change of ownership and a possible upgrade.

No other major changes on the Kandalaksha accommodation scene in the last year or so.

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Guest house in Kolvitsa

We’ve personally visited it today and are happy to provide this report.

20The village of Kolvitsa is 30km east from Kandalaksha, near the Kandalaksha to Umba and Varzuga road. The guesthouse will suite those travelling along the route or those whose destination is Kolvitsa itself. The Kolvitsa Bay, where the guesthouse is situated, is one of the most picturesque places along the south edge of the Kola peninsula. Artists like coming here. Click here to see some pictures painted in Kolvitsa. Also Kolvitsa is good for sea, river, and lake fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, or just walking around.

Responses left in the guestbook often mention house owners’ hospitality, the place’s coziness, and presence of a banya. Guests are especially delighted by homemade bread and pirogies, jams, fresh fish, and a deck with a spectacular view.

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In ancitipation of the travel season did a review of the short-term apartment rental offers

1Found four offers in Kandalaksha, all one-room, all at ~1000 roubles/night, which is considerably cheaper than staying at a hotel (~2000+R/night):

Ulitsa Pervomayskaya 57, 8 952 296 0901 (central)

Ul. Kirovskaya 24, 8 963 358 8006 (train station area)

Ul. Sovetskaya 18, 8 921 169 1846 (“Military barracks” area)

Ul. Pronina 11, 8 953 300 2547

1000 roubles at the current exchange rate is $20US.

Source: hibiny.com/re/sale/rentdaily.. Through the site you can contact owners by e-mail.

Need these offers to be checked out on your behalf? I’m at your service.

Based on our past experience short-term rental apartments are often not supplied with linen and other essentials. Mind you, that was 2-3 years ago..

Hotel Cross Mountain just outside of Kandalaksha, on the Umba road

cross-mountain-1What mades this hotel stand out is the location: easy access to the city (5 min. by car) while is is “almost” in the wilderness. It is on the road from Kandalaksha to Umba, 2km from Kandalaksha. A good option for those who want to walk in the hills while having easy access to the city.

Tel. +7-921-166-8006

E-mail: ski.51rgn@rambler.ru

cross-mountain-2Hotel’s page on kandalaksha.org: www.kandalaksha.org/ski/

cross-mountain-3VKontakte group: http://vk.com/club13090011

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Greenwich Hotel

All of Kandalaksha’s hotels,
known and personally inspected by me

Ulitsa Pervomayskaya 24. Steps from Belomorye, close to everything. Tel. 8 921 709 2465, 8 921 668 6463. E-mail: annyshka-77@mail.ru. Hotel’s page >>  It is a small pace, with eight double rooms. Rates are 1500 to 2500 (as of summer 2012 or 2013). Breakfast included. Wi-Fi, cable TV. Often booked well in advance. Those who know the local hotel scene recommend Greenwich as the most properly run of all local hotels. Vibes I picked up there make me agree.

The house of a particular repute

All of Kandalaksha hotels, 
known and personally inspected by me

pomor-starThe Pomor Star hotel is rumoured to be the most fun place in the whole of Kandalaksha town. I have been meaning to ask them directly for the benefit of my clients but haven’t had the guts. Thankfully, in the April 4 2014 issue of the local paper “Niva” there was a “Room for rent by the hour” ad, which leaves little doubt.

Ulitsa Rechnaya 1. Very close to the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve, St. John the Baptist’s Orthodox Church (the town’s only), and to the Yacht Club (in the process of construction). Tel.8(81533)94835, 8(81533)94375, 8(921)278 5139.

..There also are rumours of another establishment somewhere in “Japan” in the east end of Kandalaksha. I’ll announce if I come across any specifics.

Hotel Belomor’ye

All of Kandalaksha’s hotels,
known and personally inspected by me

The very center of the city, close to everything. Rooms, rather small with tiny bathrooms, start at 3000 roubles ($37 as of January 2016).

Tel. +7 81533 93100 and +7 81533 94179.

Their site in English >>

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Real estate agencies. Possibly slightly outdated (2012) info.

All of Kandalaksha hotels, 
known and personally inspected by me

Only two. Sorry. The list started with 5-7 but as of 2011 years ago all but these two went out of business.

  • Vash Dom (Your Home), +7 960 026 3616 or +7 921 165 7700, vasdom78@mail.ru, Julia Valer’yevna Zhokhova.
  • KuPIKvartiru, ul. Pervomayskaya 69 (Malakhit shopping center, 2nd floor), +7 81533 32972, +7 81533 71970, +7 81533 75122, +7 921 281 6613 (mobile, Natalia), +7 921 734 3421 (mob., Oxana), zlata-darik@mail.ru

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