A new sushi joint in Kandalaksha

sushi-bar-kandalakshaA new and almost the only one, if we put aside sushi counters in two of the local Euroross supermarkets and the Greenwich cafe that used to advertise sushi, was noticed in Kandalaksha. It is on the side of the pedestrian overpass opposite to (south from) the train sation. The address is Komsomolskaya 32A, and their VK page is https://new.vk.com/bentokanda.

Yet to be visited in person.

Alcoholic’s dream come true

watering-holeAt last! Now booze can be bought in Kandalaksha around the clock. A vodka store operating under the banner of a “cafe”, to which no time restrictions apply, just opened by the Malahit Shopping Center (Pervomayskaya ulitsa 59). A small sign on the store says it is open 24 hours.

A new pattern breaking waterfront restaurant

This is the waterfront view we are so used to..sea-front-kandalakshasea-front-kandalaksha-3

All of a sudden at the east end of this rotten row there pops up a new Yacht Club restaurant:

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May 23 ban on the sale of alcohol

sobrietyYou won’t be able to buy any type of booze, including beer, the whole of May 23, 2015 because it’s the “end of school” day.

Stock up, or get ready to spend the day unanesthetized.

Water quality in Kandalaksha district said to be OK

Hibiny.com reports that Kandalaksha and area water is safe before it enters the distribution system, and if I correctly understood the story, it remains borderline acceptable when delivered to households through dirty rotten pipes.

Still, the official advice is to boil water before drinking it.

My own nose tends to be skeptical about this advice, and I recommend you get your water from one of several springs around the city.

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A new cafe discovered in Kandalaksha

nivaniva-menuOn the second floor of the Niva movie theatre, ul. Pervomayskaya 32, around the square with a T-34 tank around which you’ll find the City Hall and the Belomorye hotel. A very short and basic menu. OK coffee and hot chocolate. Open Wedn. to Sunday noon to 9pm. Geared towards children, with a football board and a “labyrinth” avaialble for the kids, although somewhat overpriced (80 roubles per can) beer is offered to adults.

niva-labyrinth   niva-football

What to see/do if you are staying in Kandalaksha for 1-3 days

kandalakshaHere is a summary of attractions that await a hurried traveller through our town.

The classics: museums and souvenirs

For nature lovers

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Gornitsa (“Upper Chamber”) cafe

Кафе-блинная "Горница"Ironically, “Upper Chamber” is in a basement. Specious and usually empty, it is suitable for events. The menu is minimalistic. But it is open till midnight, and run by a bunch of fun-loving locals who get progressively happier as the day nears its end, the fact a hard core immersion and authenticity connoisseur is certain to uppreciate.

The address is Spekoka 32.

spekovUlitsa Spekova is the one that starts from the statue of a Soviet hero  after whom it was named throwing a hand grenade at evil Finns who dared to refuse the Russian demand for land. That’s a late 30s business, when Russia mirrored German invasion of Poland. The participants of the aggression are still considered heros, not victims of times when it was about impossible not get immersed in evil and stupidity as an active participant.

Russophilia and after-hours boose sales

Perhaps I’ve been one of these grumpy ever-critical Russians too much and too long. To make up let me open a new Russophilia category for things that I actually like about this place and its inhabitants. Done, here.


The first entry will be an ordinary liquor and beer store at Pervomayskaya 57 in Kandalaksha that put one plastic table in the corner of the hall, dubbed itslef a cafe, and thus circumvented the ban on boose sale after 9pm. Being a cafe they will have to insist on opening the bottle on the premises but no one will force you to stay there till done.

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