Another fucus dish

Continue experimenting with the fucus seaweed. Tried chickpea patties with fucus yesterday. Liked them considerably. Just chop up marinated fucus, mix with chickpea flour, add water and throw them onto a pan. Off to collect more today..

Hunter-gatherer days: mussels, mushrooms, and two buckets of fucus

Inspired by Alexandra’s stories from the Chupa conference on the biological resources of the White Sea and especially its algae we went out to the littoral to collect said resources that presently appear to be on their way to becoming fashionable in the sense that there is a lot of talk about them being underutilized (see an article on the subject by Olga Maximova, an algologist from Moscow). more >>

The source of potable water

Local tap water will not kill you. At least not immediately. And if it does its destructive power will be in its taste rather than chemical content. It is a proven fact that tea and coffee taste better from water obtained from one of several springs around the city. Here is how it is done at the City Park on the left side of the Niva river..

New “Back to the USSR” cafe in Kandalaksha

The fashion for the Soviet style seems to have reached Kandalaksha. A poster advertising the opening of a new “Back to the USSR” cafe was recently noticed on the Kandalaksha VK group. The address is ulitsa Pervomayskaya 83A.

We’ll be checking it out soon.

A new hotel/hostel/cafe opened in Kandalaksha

A new hotel/hostel/cafe just opened 1 min. walk from the train station, in the building of Kandalaksha’s former bus station. The cheapest accommodation option, a bunk bed in a room shared by eight, is 550 roubles (just under $10) per night. more >>

A new sushi joint in Kandalaksha

sushi-bar-kandalakshaA new and almost the only one, if we put aside sushi counters in two of the local Euroross supermarkets and the Greenwich cafe that used to advertise sushi, was noticed in Kandalaksha. It is on the side of the pedestrian overpass opposite to (south from) the train sation. The address is Komsomolskaya 32A, and their VK page is

Yet to be visited in person.

Alcoholic’s dream come true

watering-holeAt last! Now booze can be bought in Kandalaksha around the clock. A vodka store operating under the banner of a “cafe”, to which no time restrictions apply, just opened by the Malahit Shopping Center (Pervomayskaya ulitsa 59). A small sign on the store says it is open 24 hours.

A new pattern breaking waterfront restaurant

This is the waterfront view we are so used to..sea-front-kandalakshasea-front-kandalaksha-3

All of a sudden at the east end of this rotten row there pops up a new Yacht Club restaurant:

yacht-club-restaurant-1 more >>

May 23 ban on the sale of alcohol

sobrietyYou won’t be able to buy any type of booze, including beer, the whole of May 23, 2015 because it’s the “end of school” day.

Stock up, or get ready to spend the day unanesthetized.