The Russia Day

fountainIn Kandalaksha festivities associated with this holiday in memory of disintegration of the USSR will take place by the fountain from 1pm to 4pm, and will include orchestra, children’s games, and an arts and crafts fair.

A 10km run on June 12

marathonOn the Independence Day (instituted in memory of the Soviet Union falling apart in 1991), there is a mass run from Niva-2 to Kandalaksha on June 12.

The distances are 10km, 5km, and 3km.

Participants are registering in the “Palace of Sports” in Niva-2 between 10 and 11am, and then starting at 12 noon off the 15th kilometer of the Kandalaksha to Polarnye Zori road.

Freemarket on today till 6pm at “Metallurg”

freemarketThat’s the Niva-3 part of Kandalaksha. Lots of “nostalgie” type things, judging from past freemarkets.

An invitation from the Purple Robes workshop

bagryanitsaPosting this on Irina Semyonova’s request:

Hi everyone

Our shop is considered as a local attraction. We often hold tours for tourists, showing them our shop and work we do. Up to now the vast majority of our visitors have been Russian speakers. For the last little while however I have been practicing doing this presentation in English. So I invite English speaking travelers to visit our shop and see the work we do. This is totally free. Write or call +7 911 3050721 / +7 911 3013979 to arrange for your visit.

С уважением, Ирина Семёнова.
МРОО “Ассоциация мастеров ручного труда”
Мурмнаская обл., г.Кандалакша
ул.Фрунзе, д.9
тел: +7 911 3013979
       +7 911 3050721
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Historic reconstruction, Viking theme, July 1-3 2016 in Kandalaksha

vikingsThe historic period is 9-11 century. Ethnic groups represented are Scandinavians, Finno-Ugric nations, and Slavs. 40 to 60 participants are expected.

The event is organized by Northern Squad.

A medieval fair is part of the festival, and merchants are invited.

Location: Monastery Cape, just east from the city. This happening coincides with the sailing regatta.

2016 Yacht race in Kandalaksha July 3

Location: Monastery Cape, east end of Kandalaksha. Organized by the Chupa Yacht Club. Last year’s event attracted a major crowd said to number 2500+. Details >>



In the Land of Monuments

During our Sunday walk around Kandalaksha we’ve stumbled upon two monuments previosuly not known to us. Both are on Zavodskoy pereulok (Factory Lane). One, that seems, judging from the Gagarin-style helmet, to echo with the Cosmos theme, is by the Auto Repair Factory:


Further enquiries showed that it was indeed build in 1964, at the hight of overboiling enthusiasm for space exploration.

The other is to Kalinin who I believe was the Prime-minister till ~1946, on the territory of still-struggling Experimental Mechanical Plant:


Local rumours say there were more monuments in Kandalaksha. One to a breast-feeding mother by the Niva movie theatre that was removed by the authorities for “indecency”, and another to Comrate Kirov on the street where we have questionable pleasure of living. In the latter case the monument simply fell apart.

Snowball fight competition in March 2016 reports that Kandalaksha may become a scene for the regional snowball fight competition in the middle of March.

An exhibition of old (and ancient) photo cameras in Kandalaksha on the display in the Kandalaksha History Museum (ul. Pervomayskaya 40) till Jan. 22.

Cameras made in Russia and abroad are from the collection of the Murmansk Regional Local History Museum and the private collection “Photo Art Gallery”.

more >>

Kandalaksha residents won silver in racing in sleighs down natural slopes

naturbahnKandalaksha residents Pavel Porshnev and Ivan Lazarev won second place in the Italian stage of Naturbahn world cup.

The gold winners are Italians Patrick Pinieter and Florian Clara.

Russians Glexander Yegorov and Petr Popov got bronze.