Kandalaksha Nature Reserve

Its site www.kandalaksha-reserve.org seems to have fallen into neglect. Below are bits related to the nature reserve but I cannot put together a systematic presentation. Look for an old copy of the Russian site here >>. E-mails intended for the reserve can be sent to its official address kand_reserve@mail.ru although I will not rate the probability of a meaningful response as “significant”.

Museum of the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve

This small museum was established in 1957. Since then it was visited by over 200 th.

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A new no-words film on the Kandalaksha nature

The new film, entitled “This Cold North”, was shot by our friend and colleague, a biologist, photographer, and local history expert Gennady Alexandrov back in 1996 but just was released now. The focus of it is the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve..

“Attempts to Establish Eider Farms in the USSR and Why These Failed”

An article on the history of eider farming attempts in the USSR, written by my mate Alexandra (and translated by me) has very recently come out in an Environmental and Society Portal “Arcadia“.

Comments that you can leave under the article are welcomed and invited.

To read “Eider Farming Attempts in the USSR and Why These Failed” proceed here.

“A Lake in the Sea” film from the “Nature Reserve Format” festival

Today we went to the “Nature Reserve Format” film festival in Kandalaksha. The best film shown, in the opinion of many, was “A Lake in the Sea”.

Just noticed that it is available on the Youtube with English subtitles, and am thus sharing it with you..

Dalnie Zelentsy, Barents Sea. A small overview.

Dalniye Zelentsy is a village on the Barents Sea coast, 170km east from Murmansk.


From 1935 to the beginning of the 1990s the Murmansk Biological Station (from 1958 the Biological Station of the Murmansk Sea Biology Institute) was active there. The purmanent population of the village was about 600, which included both scientists and technical personnel from among the locals. Presently the biological station is abandoned, and about 10 permanently live there. Some biologists visit the station in the summer. more >>

Films on the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve every Saturday over the summer

filmThe Kandalaksha Nature Reserve Museum is showing films on the reserve every Saturday at 1pm. Free!! The address is ulitsa Lineynaya 35. For more information call +7 (81533) 93303.

The films are

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Pasvik trilateral nature reserve film in English

It is a reserve set up recently, at the end of the 90s, where Russia, Finland, and Norway meet. Found by Alexandra. Enjoy..

Attention serious birdwatchers: a meeting with one of Russia’s top ornithologists V.V. Bianki on Jan. 17 2016

At 4pm the Local History Section of the Kandalaksha Public Library (ul. Pervomayskaya 51, tel. 8 (815-33) 9-21-92) presents Vitaly Bianki, Ph.D., a senior scientist at the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve, a Honorary Ecologist of the Russian Federation, and a Honorary Citizen of Kandalaksha.

The meeting is held in honor of the 90th birthday of Vitaly Bianki and 60 years of his working at the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve.

On head notice a Russian-to-English interpreter will be available at low or no fee.

The guest capacity of our apartment was tested last night

..by nine teenagers returning to St. Petersburg from the Marine Biology expedition to the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve base in Luvenga. Girls slept on fold-out couches, two per each, and boys on the floor. Arrived at 9pm, left for St. Petersburg at 8am, with no complaints about discomfort from either guests or us the hosts.

You too are welcomed to accommodate yourself here at 1000 roubles ($15 at the current exchange rate) per person per night, which I believe is the lowest rate in town. Normal guest capacity is 2 persons though. More about accommodation in our Kandalaksha apartment >>