Clouds over the White Sea Kandalaksha Bay islands


A view from the highest point of the road from Kandalaksha to Umba and Varzuga. Beginning of the cold spell three days ago, with the see quickly freezing and giving off lots of vapour in the process.

Aurora borealis expected in the next few days

A rumour is going around that, should the sky be clear, we stand a good chance of seeing northern lights around Kandalaksha from now till Jan. 6 2017. 

Warning: we are into a cold spell now, with temperatures around minus 20C.

Good news: the car is back in circulation after a major repair job. No blizzard inside the cabin, and it is much quieter now than it was before, making conversation while driving easy. Also it is kept heated when parked, so no problem starting despite the cold. I and the car are available for hire at discount off-season rates!

Polar night over in Kandalaksha

Yesterday I was dragged out to Luvenga by my mate Alexandra, who totally disregarded my profound desire to spend Jan. 1 in coach-glued lethargy, and was forced to observe the first true sunrise of the year.

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An exhibition of areal photos of the Kola Peninsula


Opened yesterday at the Niva movie theatre in Kandalaksha, and expected to stay on well into 2017.

The author is the famous Boris Vakhmistrov, an avalanche expert from Kirovsk.

In his free time he flies around the Kola Peninsula on a deltaplane taking photos, and is one of the recognized photography masters here. 

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The Aurora Borealis season is here..


The Cross Mountain, just east from Kandalaksha, last night

Sightings of Aurora Borealis had been reported on August 30 and today, Sept. 2. Here they are, from the VK page of Kandalaksha photographer Igor Prozorov.

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A video of Kandalaksha and area

Found on the VK page of Yura Nikitenko, a Kandalaksha photographer and rap singer.

Warning: the image of the place presented in the video somehow looks better than ground-level reality, where all the trash and tack and grot can’t be easily ignored. But with the end of the tourist season approaching I cannot miss this opportunity to promote tourism, even by somewhat misleading methods.

Films on the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve every Saturday over the summer

filmThe Kandalaksha Nature Reserve Museum is showing films on the reserve every Saturday at 1pm. Free!! The address is ulitsa Lineynaya 35. For more information call +7 (81533) 93303.

The films are

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Bears in the forest by Kandalaksha are to be shot

About a week ago there were a few reports of bears by the TV tower just east from Kandalaksha. Today I read that a decision to shoot them has been made by the wildlife authorities following their failure to chase the animals away. Sorry guys!

Bears are out!

bearsTwo reports today (see story 1, story 2) in the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve VK group of bears noticed by the town and at nearby dachas over the weekend.




Photo by Peter Afonin, Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada

Even though they may look cute, feeding cubs is not a good idea, for doing so makes them see us as a source of food, which is one small step from being food.

Mosquitoes are out

mosquitoesMosquitoes have been noticed in numbers today landing on our dog Tasha’s nose. They mostly left us humans alone however.

That’s a week or even two earlier than when the mosquito season normally begins here..