A 2016-2017 calendar from the Kola Ecological Center

kola-eco-center-1Our friends from the Kola Ecological Center published, with the support of Friends of the Earth Norway, and offer to the public a calendar for years 2016-2017 with neat photos, in return to a recommended donation of 250 roubles.

Here are some photos from the calendar:kola-eco-center-2

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While in Moscow it is snowing

Colorful autumn continues on the south coast of the Kola Peninsula. I looked at these views for 1.5 hours last night on the coast between Kandalaksha and Luvenga.


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“History of the Murmansk Railroad”

railroad-murmanskThe Murmansk Regional History Museum is coming to Kandalaksha with a display of about 50 photos, mostly old black-and-white, describing the history of the Petrozavodsk to Murmansk railroad from the beginning of its construction in 1915 to the present day. The exhibition will be held in the Kandalaksha Museum (ulitsa Pervomayskaya 40) from July 11 to August 10 2015.

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A particularly elegant scarecrow,

with its head made of a broom, has been noticed in the “Japan” area (old Kandalaksha, now east end) on our way to the sailing regatta yesterday, a report about which is coming up.



Here is another good one:

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White nights are already here

They have for a couple of weeks. And after about a week from now sun won’t set at all.

A bit about summer in Kandalaksha:

City dump preview

One of the key places of the city yet to be visited is the dump in the eastern outskirts of Kandalaksha. Here are some photos borrowed from Mutual road help site.

Soon to be visited in person.

All photos can be enlarged by a click.