White nights are already here

They have for a couple of weeks. And after about a week from now sun won’t set at all.

A bit about summer in Kandalaksha:

City dump preview

One of the key places of the city yet to be visited is the dump in the eastern outskirts of Kandalaksha. Here are some photos borrowed from Mutual road help site.

Soon to be visited in person.

All photos can be enlarged by a click.


Lenin under snow

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Where does she manage to dig up things like that? The all-knowing Alexandra just sent me this, as Lenin appeared this afternoon.

Winter mountains near Kandalaksha

Snowmobile’s trip in the wonderful photos of Olga Boman

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Sorry Leviathan got taken down by copyright owner but here are other things to look at..

Zheleznaya or Lysaya (Iron or Bald) Mountain near Kandalaksha. Photo Olga Boman

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