Record snowfalls



I don’t know how many inches of the stuff fell down this week but here is a short video by Natalia Vopiyashina of Varzuga showing the Kandalaksha to Varzuga bus being pushed through snow by passengers somewhere around Kashkarantsy.

A recent film “Pearls of Kandalaksha”. And one of its participants as your free guide around the city.

pearls-of-kandalakshaThis very recent film is in Russian but conveys beautiful scenery of the city and area. The story is about the Bagryanitsa (“purple robe”) garments shop that specializes in traditional local dresses and hand embroidery. (Attention those looking for non-trivial quality souvenirs!)

What can be of particular interest to you travelers is that the daughter of the shop’s owner will be glad to give you a tour of the facility or of the entire city, absolutely free of charge in exchange for the opportunity to practice her English! Write to Irina, with a copy to me (

Freemarket on today till 6pm at “Metallurg”

freemarketThat’s the Niva-3 part of Kandalaksha. Lots of “nostalgie” type things, judging from past freemarkets.

Book freemarket today

book-exchangeThe first ever free book exchange is happening in Kandalaksha today in the City Library No. 3 at ulitsa Piteo 2 from 12 to 5pm.

For information call 8 (8-15-33) 3-42-60.

Arts, antiques, souvenirs..

The name of the store, “Всякая всячина” (“vsyakaya vsyachina”) translates, literally, as “all sorts of all”. “Odds ‘n’ Ends” is a close English alternative. Set up by Valisi Garkotin, a publisher and a museum keeper, and managed by his daughter.

Fruits and vegetables

[photos soon]

This unassuming place at ulitsa Belomorskaya 33 by the port has the town’s freshest selection of fruits and vegetables although the choice is basic. Closed about 8pm in the summer and earlier in the winter.