My English students seek conversation practice

Here is a letter from one of them:

irina-2I’m desperate for English conversation practice!

In exchange, I can be your guide in Kandalaksha.

I can meet you at the train station, help you check into a hotel, recommend a place to eat, suggest places to visit, take you there, keep you from getting lost, and in every other way make you stay in Kandalaksha pleasant and comfortable. All totally free if you speak English to me and encourage me to do the same.

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Village of Chupa information center

Information Center of the Village of Chupa invites enquiries about the North-Karelian region.
Address: Ulitsa Korguyeva 7, office 8.
Tel./fax: +7 81439 41144
Mobile: +7 921 523 4498

Photo by Igor Georgievski

Chupa. Photo by Igor Georgievski

The Center is operated by the Karelian Regional Public Organization in Support of Sustained Development and Nature Protection “Basin Council of the North-Karelian Coast”.

There a traveller can get the following types of support:

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Passes to border zones in the Kandalaksha and Kovdor districts

no-entryYou may want to get close to the border to see WWII and “Winter war” artifacts like the German of Finnish cemetery by Old Salla. If so, you’ll need a special permit.

(And you are welcomed to ask for my assistance in obtaining these permits.)

Here is some recent info on where to go for these permits:

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Another book: Nature and Natural Resources of the Murmansk Region

natural-resources-of-murmanskAbout 500 photos from 30 Murmansk region photographers. Photos from hard-to-access places on the shores of White and Barents sea, along the Ponoy River, on the Rybachy Peninsula etc. Photos of unique natural phenomena (aurora borealis and others), rare plants and animals, mineralogical monuments, culturalnd historic sites (labyrinths, Saami seids, stone carvings of Kanozero and paintings of the Rybachy Peninsula), and also photos of the Kola Peninsula from space.


natural-resources-of-murmansk-2The text was written by the members of the Kola Center of Nature Preservation. Well-known scientists and regional history experts acted as consultants in the course of developing the text.

Extensive illustrated material does not simply describe natural objects but helps in understanding northern ecosystems. The book shows just how succeptible to human influence northern nature is, calling to reader’s attention to the significance of many phenomena often left unnoticed.

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What to see/do if you are staying in Kandalaksha for 1-3 days

kandalakshaHere is a summary of attractions that await a hurried traveller through our town.

The classics: museums and souvenirs

For nature lovers

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Arts, antiques, souvenirs..

The name of the store, “Всякая всячина” (“vsyakaya vsyachina”) translates, literally, as “all sorts of all”. “Odds ‘n’ Ends” is a close English alternative. Set up by Valisi Garkotin, a publisher and a museum keeper, and managed by his daughter.

Murmansk Oblast Tourist Information Center in Kandalaksha


The center’s director Ludmila is a big fan of seals, thus this emblem

Ulitsa Pyatidesyatiletiye Oktyabrya 8, across from the Belomorye hotel. Open Tue. to Saturday 10am to 6pm. Tel.: +7(81533) 94046, e-mail: (if important send me a copy to

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