Another fire in Kandalaksha

The unfinished hotel on the Monastery Cape burned down yesterday..

That’s especially disconcerning given that about a week ago a tourist hut on top of Mount Volostnaya overlooking the city burned down too.

Bears in the forest by Kandalaksha are to be shot

About a week ago there were a few reports of bears by the TV tower just east from Kandalaksha. Today I read that a decision to shoot them has been made by the wildlife authorities following their failure to chase the animals away. Sorry guys!

It’s all the Americans’ fault again

refugeesA bunch of mass media outlets came out with a heading “Demonstration by migrants in Kandalaksha provoked by the New York Times journalists”, who are accused of organizing the demonstration and are said to have made signs demanding that migrants be let into Finland.

Examples: (that also mentions that 10g of hashish was found in the hotel where migrants were staying),, and

Flu epidemic is officially over reports that cases of flu are way down in the Murmansk region in the last two weeks, and that “special scheduling” has been lifted off local schools and public gatherings.


The migrant situation getting worse in the meantime after Finland has recently refused letting these people in. About 100 of Arab and African migrants are now stuck in Kandalaksha, many without money or winter clothing, according to this report by TV-21 of Murmansk:

During a small protest demonstration (shown in the video above) they asked for donations of food and warm clothing.

More on Middle Eastern refugees travelling to Finland via Kandalaksha

Here is a fresh Vesti TV report on Middle Eastern refugees travelling to Finland via Kandalaksha:

It is in Russian but the key points are:

more >> on Mid-eastern refugees in Kandalaksha. Fame in Russia and Finland!

refugeesNoticed an article on the flow of Eastern (Syrian, Afghan, North African etc.) refugees trying to get into Finland via Kandalaksha on the site of, a major Federal-level monthly. We are becoming famous! The only sad thing is that I’ve had not a single request to act as a “guide” – a job that pays, according to Snob, $1500 per trip. Only a couple of accommodation request from people with Middle Eastern sounding names that didn’t show up anyway.

Full article here >>

About 100 “Syrian” refugees are said to be temporarily housed in Kandalaksha

finland-borderRumours are that they are staying at the Polar Star hotel. About 5-6 of them manage to get to Finland through the Salla crossing  control point per day using beat up old cars as transportation instead of bicycles, now banned by the Finnish side. Another 10 or so are sent back home from Russia after being processed by the Kandalaksha court. Jounalists interested in covering this subject can now come to Kandalaksha instead of Pechenga.


A wolf is said to have been once again seen on Kandalaksha streets, occasionally snacking on dogs. Here is one of the recent records of the old limping beast that’s been the talk of the town since last year at least. The latest words is that, instead of eating dogs, he has joined a group of strays.