Sea kayak rental in Chupa

Available from our friends who have been collecting $$ to publish the bird atlas.

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Summary: 1400 roubles ($40) per day for a double kayak. Said to be quite suited for the sea – much more stable than canoes. An organized kayak tour will be offered during the White Noise festival where you’ll be able to visit White Sea islands, Saami labyrinth, and other unusual places. For more info call +7 921 227 1158 or see

Chupa accommodation

Three hotels found in Chupa, ~144km south from Kandalaksha

  1. chupa-northern-expedition“Northern Expedition”, ul. Zheleznodorozhnaya 25 at the entrance to Chupa close to the railroad station by the turn to poselok Chkalovsky in the building of OOO “Northern Geological Expedition”. Single, double, and triple rooms. Washrooms and bathrooms are shared. Kitchen and laundry facilities available. Wi-Fi, fax, photocopier. 500 roubles ($17) per person per night. Fishing trips, museum visits, exploration of the area using all-terrain vehicles. Tel. (814-39) 4-11-25 (с 9am to 5pm), 4-11-65 (8pm to 8am), or +7-921-4580143 (24 hours). Manager: Marina Ivanovna Tyupikina. More info and photos:
  2. Guesthouse “Chupa”. Reservations: +7 921 523-45-30, Galina. 4000-6500/day for the whole house, depending on season. More:

  3. Guesthouse “V Chupe”. More info, photos, reservation form:

The White Noise Festival on White Sea, in the village of Chupa

16From 17 to 19 July this year

Every year, about the middle of summer, a tent village pops up near the Chupa settlement. On the Medvezhka peninsula creative people, Russian and European musicians, get together. The format is rock, ethno, and several directions of electronic music. The event lasts for three days and three nights. The aim is the development and support of the northern culture. For the participants and visitors there will be a crafts fair, a field vegetarian kitchen, and a tea shack.

Festival website>>

Some photos of the festival in 2013 from Julia Solntseva

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Chupa Yacht Club invites you

Sea fishing >>

Yacht cruise to the Solovetsky Islands.

Yacht rental >> 

Hotel in Chupa near the yacht club >>

Яхты на соловках


Storage and maintenance of boats and yachts. Dock, boathouse, mobile crane, warehouse, small repairs. Guest parking summer. Cargo transport. More >>

Kartesh White Sea Biological station in Chupa

It is an outpost of the St. Petersburg Institute of Zoology. Details are coming up from Alexandra, who has significant personal knowledge of this facility. I think they offer diving photography tours but will check on it. Station’s site >>

The Kandalaksha Bay Cup Regatta June 22-29 2014

Organized by the Chupa Yaucht Club. See and their international page. They invite journalists, promise to look after their accommodation needs, and organize cultural tours for them. Write to

Details and photos >>