Aurora borealis in March

To see aurora borealis one does not necessarily need to come to the Kola Peninsula in December, into cold and darkness. Aurora is still with us in mid-March, when snow melts and days are 12+ hours long.

Ice sculptures in the Vysoky settlement

Vysoky is a small settlement near the town of Olenegorsk in northern Murmansk region.

Photo by Oleg Filonok

Photo by Oleg Filonok

In the future I will ask Pasha tell what is interesting in Vysoky. Personally, I really liked these wonderful ice sculptures.

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Only birds see Kirovsk that way

33The birds and Snowman_pro. Look at his incredible movies. From the top of the mountains near the Kirovsk town



While lazies like us are asleep in a warm bed …

..tireless Valentin Zhiganov continues photographing aurora borealis. I think more and more that September is the best time to visit the Kola Peninsula

Last year’s snow

The Khibiny mountains, what’s left of a snow avalanche, photographed in August 2014. The original, with a series of remarkable photos:


Photos are by the same gent who photographed Kuzomen from the air.

Hibiny, waterfall Beautiful

The best known waterfall in the Khibiny mountains is Krasivy (beautiful) on the river of Risyok, not far from its mouth, in the center of the Kukisvumchorr mountain crest. Being wide-known and easily accessible it is called “on-duty (daily) waterfall”. The water is remarkably clean and of fantastic aquamarine colour, as in all other streams and rivers of Khibiny.


Photo by Olga Boman.



hibinySome remarkable photos of the Khibiny mountains by Eugene Timashev >>

On August 25-30 Eugene will be holding a landscape photography workshop in Khibiny. Cost of participation is $800. Details in Russian >>

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