Northern Character Film and TV Festival Nov. 24-26, Murmansk


The event will feature films united around the northern theme. At least in the past all films shown had English subtitles, and the festival’s site has an English version, which gives a reason to expect that the event will be accessible to the international traveler. After the Murmansk show the festival will tour other Murmansk region cities, including Kandalaksha.

Olenegorsk to Murmansk cross-country bicycle race August 6 2016

bike-marathonIt is a beginner-level 108km bike marathon. Starts at Olenegorsk at the Murmansk Highway, at 10am, and proceeds via country trails through Laplandia, Taybola, Pushnoy, Loparskaya, Magnetity, Kil’dinstroy, and Zverosovkhoz. That’s your chance to explore Kola region back roads!

One can register till August 5 by writing to Indicate if you need to be delivered from Murmansk to Olenegorsk.

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A Sherman tank finally arrives in Murmansk

sherman-tankThis Sherman tank was on board of Thomas Donaldson transport ship on its way to Murmansk in March 1945 as part of the JW-65 convoy under the Lend-Lease program. It was hit by a German torpedo near the Kil’din Island and sank. The ship is still at the bottom of the Barents sea while some of its load was brought to the surface, including this Sherman tank delivered to the Murmansk port and put on a railroad platform today. Its final destination is one of St. Petersburg museums. For more see this b-port article.

“Communist Architecture” photo exhibition opens today in Murmansk

soviet-architectureAn exhibition entitled “Sun City. The Architecture of Communism”, dedicated to Soviet architecture of 1960s to 1980s, is open till Sept. 4 at the Murmansk Regional Art Museum (ul. Kominterna 13). It aims to demonstrate to the public the language of Soviet-era building style, dominated by the idea of space exploration, via 150 photos.

Murmansk gay support organization fined for “propaganda to children”

courtThe Center of Social and Psychological Assistance and Legal Support for the Victims of Discrimination and Homophobia “Maximum” has been found guilty of “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors” on the group’s VK page, and fined 100 th. roubles (about $1500 at the current exchange rate).

The average cost of one square meter of housing in the Murmansk region

Location Roubles/m2 In $US at the current exchange rate of 62 roubles per $1US
Murmansk 37202 Just over $500/m2
Kola 37052 just over $500/m2
Apatity 21700 $350/m2
Kirovsk 21715 $350/m2
Monchegorsk 15000 just under $250/m2
Olenegorsk 17100 just under $400/m2
Severomorsk 35500 slightly over $500/m2
Revda 10609 $160/m2
Polarnye Zori 30000 under $500/m2
Molochny 35750 over $500/m2
Pushnoy 7895 slightly over $100/m2
Murmashi 31025 $500/m2


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A steam engine has just arrived in Murmansk

steam-engineA steam engine Л-4386 (made in Lugansk, Ukraine, in 1951) has just arrived to Murmansk from the Novosokolniki train depot in the Pskov region. It is to be installed as a monument near the train station, part of the current memorial-construction craze..

“Murmansk Mosaic” fair May 18-22. An opportunity to see many local products under one roof.

murmansk-mosaicThe “Murmansk Mosaic” fair will be held from May 18 to May 22 in the MurmanExpo hall at Kolsky prospekt 51A.

Food, clothing, kitchen ware, household chemicals, seeds and seedlings. Over 70 producers, many of them local, are expected.

Working hours:

May 18-21: 11am to 7:30pm;

May 22: 11am to 5:30pm.

I’m regularly asked about local producers and business opportunities here. Events such as this one may be a good place to start exploring the local scene.

White nights started in Murmansk. Polar day May 21 to July 21.

White nighs have started in Murmansk May 2, with the sun not going lower than 6 degrees below the horizon, and the Polar Day, with the sun actually going around in a circle, lasts from May 21 to July 21.


Murmansk events for 2016

murmansk-expoThe following events may be of interest to anyone thinking of doing business in the Murmansk region. They all take place at the Murmansk Expo at Kolsky prospekt 51A, in the center of Murmansk. A good place to review the local business scene or to present your product.

Want to visit one of the events but can’t take the time? Hire me! I’ll collect materials from exhibitors and distribute yours, and deliver your message by talking on your behalf to other participants.

Sea. Resouces. Technologies 2016 March 16-18 2016

Education. Profession. Carrier: Human Resources for business 2016 March 24-26 2016

Expo HOME 2016 April 21-23 2016 more >>