“New Life” festival in Teriberka tomorrow, July 21

Rock and folk music, discussions, workshops, food, games, sea excursions, tours and fashion shows are promised. No restriction to foreigner access to Teriberka. There appears to be a lot of traffic between Murmansk and Teriberka so hitching a ride should not be a problem. Current super-hot weather makes staying there in a tent entirely realistic. More information, in Russian, at vk.com/teriberkafest

Dalnie Zelentsy, Barents Sea. A small overview.

Dalniye Zelentsy is a village on the Barents Sea coast, 170km east from Murmansk.


From 1935 to the beginning of the 1990s the Murmansk Biological Station (from 1958 the Biological Station of the Murmansk Sea Biology Institute) was active there. The purmanent population of the village was about 600, which included both scientists and technical personnel from among the locals. Presently the biological station is abandoned, and about 10 permanently live there. Some biologists visit the station in the summer. more >>

The road to Dalniye Zelentsy after the turn to Teriberka

Photos by Alexandra Goryashko, who travelled there a week ago.

The total distance is 170km, of which the first 80, till the road forks to Teriberka, is a normal asphalt highway. Then, till Tumanny, the dirt road is still passable. There is even a bus connecting Tumanny and Murmansk, leaving Murmansk at 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and back from Tumanny at 7am Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday.

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Alexandra’s whale photos from Dalniye Zelentsy, near Teriberka

On July 23, during the bird-counting trip in Dalnie Zelentsy, 40km east from Teriberka, the motor boat Alexandra was on got surrounded by several small (~7-9m long) Minke whales, to Alexanda’s and other travellers’ delight.

Here are a few photos from that occasion:


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Teriberka festival August 12-14

teriberka-2I wrote about it before, and here I’d like to confirm that it is indeed happening in two weeks.

And Alexandra personally spoke with local border guards who confirmed that there are no restrictions to foreigner access to Teriberka.

New Life Festival in Teriberka August 12-14 2016

teriberkaThis will be the second event of the sort, organized by LavkaLavka Farmers’ Coop, this time also supported by the Murmansk Region government.  During the event local food will be presented, as well as touristic opportunities in the Kola Peninsula. A special program for children is said to be planned too. The ultimate aim of the event is to get the community pull itself out of the situation of an economic and social disaster by turning towards taking part in the tourism industry. Festival’s VK page >>

Foreigners, from what I see, ARE allowed in Teriberka without having to go through any permit-obtaining rituals. But feel free to ask me to double check on that subject should you seriously consider that destination.

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Watercolours from the recent festival in Teriberka

I reported earlier about the New Life festival in Teriberka July 11-12. Now one of our extra-energetic friends, Anna Mikhailova, went there and came back with a series of watercolours that I’m here sharing with you. Here:


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“New Life” festival in Teriberka July 11-12

teriberkaTeriberka has recently gained a lot of publicity due to the filming of Levithan by Andrey Zvyagintsev there in 2013. Riding on this popularity, organic food distributor LavkaLavka and Bolshaya Zemlya Fund are organizing a festival that aims to drastically improve the life of Teriberka by stimulating its potential in fishing and tourism.

Among the participants are LavkaLavka itself, Mark i Lev restaurant, Russian Kitchen Fund, the Rofano group, Teriberka Folk Pomor Choir, and whoever else may join before the event starts. 

The event is not expected to make any money and relies on crowd-funding.

Entry ticket to the festival is 800 roubles ($15 at current exchange rate).

Accommodation in the local rather basic hotel or in tents.

I’m thinking of going and you are welcomed to join me. Accommodation in the camper or tents if I do go.

Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan – complaints about garbage

teriberka-messI’ve stumbled onto this animated discussion about the mess the Zvyagintsev people left behind in Teriberka >>