Free for asking

I will happily advise you and share general information about travelling, working, and living in Russia. I will scan Russian internet resources, ask local sources, make a call or two on your behalf.

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Business support services

Although I make a living mostly looking after ordinary travellers, my true value is in my ability to act as your eyes and years, hands and feet, and even an extension of your brain. Information searches and scouting beyond the obvious is where you can get the biggest bang for the buck from me. Some examples: locating scenery and personages for film makers, industry information, or even assistance to Russian bride seekers. Talk to me if you need an extension of yourself in this region.

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Questions on Russian travel (in particular to the north-west of European part of the country), working, or living are most welcomed. Write to, contact me via Skype at Uncle_Pasha_2011, or use chat at the bottom right corner of this page.

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Two more web jobs added to the list of examples

One is restoring a site out of fragments and an old backup copy I wisely held, contrary to instructions, in anticipation of my client freaking out changing their (gender-neutral pronoun used on purpose, contrary to my usual style) mind. I confess I am almost proud of myself for being able to think ahead even of greater minds who hire me. A simple job, just moving massives of data around, but I’m adding it to the list as an illustration of how I relate to clients, not of my technical competence.

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Half-price on all my services till the end of August

Yes, I can be hired as a guide, a driver, an interpreter, or an agent of any sort (market research, sourcing, location/people/grave/whatever search) from my return to Kuzomen expected around the middle of August till the end of the month for HALF PRICE, i.e. $12.50/hour, with the use of the vehicle also halved to 20 cents/kilometer. A rare opportunity to get me cheap while helping me to revive my stagnating business.

Kola Expeditions is getting ready to receive English-speaking travellers

They ordered me to translate their site into English, and immediately uploaded these translations to Last March we ourselves took part in one of their 3-4 hour tours, were impressed, and can recommend Kola Expeditions to travellers looking for the “local spirit”.


Hills over the Kolvitsa village

Here are some photos from the recent trip to the tundra hills over the village of Kolvitsa, thanks to two Finnish travelers I took there. During a good half a day in the hills we met no one and saw not a single piece of trash. I think I’m starting to understand what draws people up there.

The white stuff is lichens. No reindeer here, thus lots of lichens.kolvitsa-hills-2kolvitsa-hills-3
Picking cloudberries..

On top of one of the highest hills in the area..

I hate gnats!!

666These are much worse than mosquitoes. Unlike the latter, gnats slice off a patch of your skin. On Wendesday I got bitten by some during the trip to the hills, and my arms are still swollen and it still itches three days later. The all-knowing Alexandra says these will last about a week. One of the worse thing about gnats is they don’t really hurt when they initially attack you. ALWAYS WEAR LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT TO THE WOODS AND TAKE SOME INSECT-REPELLANT WITH YOU!!


Off to the hills for the whole day

okkatyeva-hillToday I’m taking two Finnish travellers first to the Volostnaya hill, and then to the famous “Iron Gates” between the Domashniye (“home”) tundras and Okkatyeva hill, half-way between Luvenga and KolvitsaWish us all luck.

Book Birding Across the Borders has come out..

birdwatching-1The book is in English (with my participation in the translation), and it covers the Varanger-Norway-Russia trans-border area.

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