Project put off on the backburner will not be updated with any intensity/regularity. My interest in this project is down considerably. I’ve been working on it since June 2013. Now it is among Google’s top 10 but what’s the point? Not a single client. Not a dollar of donations. Not a single subscriber. Just no plausible reason to keep it up. The most I may do is maintain the site for a few months and then fuck it. Never before have I had so little payoff for such an effort.

Playing tech support

Why people would not, instead of “my site would not open”, say something like “I cannot open with Chrome” and then answer specific questions to help to narrow down, pinpoint and fix the problem?! The issue was very minor (two actually: misspelled URL and a blocked IP address) but extracting information from this client was something else. My hat off to people who provide tech support daily. While on the subject I’d like to thank the Liquid Web tech support team who did more than any of their colleagues not only to bail me out of trouble but help understand the logic and machanics of websites. No doubt to them I often sound no better than D. to me.

Just curious

I f*cked up in a big way with the category structure. At the moment navigation is nearly impossible. But that minor disaster was accompanied by the highest number of hits (150+) since I started organizing Kandalaksha-related things 2-3 months ago. Mysterious are the ways of visitor behavior.