Sorting out photos from the recent trip to Kuzomen

Here is a series of particularly silly horse images of “wild” Kuzomen horses. Photos taken by Alexandra. You travellers are encouraged to sign up for a trip there and to Umba and Varzuga.horses-kuzomen-1

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Greetings from Kuzomen


The highlight of yesterday was eating a large salmon, washed down with two beers on my part, and a bottle of champaign for the two of us.

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Rybachy peninsula, Varzuga, and Kuzomen film

Here is a film one of my readers pointed to:

And a comment from Alexandra about the use of quadros:quadro-tracks

They are a disaster that destroyes the vegetation cover. She requests that I miss no opportunity to call on quadro users to stay on roads to avoid damage to fragile northern ground cover.

Here, done, request added.

Guest houses in Kuzomen, Chavanga, Pyalitsa, Strel’na

Insider info from Julia Solntseva, a local expert and a publisher of a variety of travel guides: Call 8 911 344 2772 or 8 921 281 7152 about guesthouses in Kuzomen, Chavanga, Pyalitsa, or Strelna. Or write to, Svetlana.

Here is a map clearly showing these somewhat obscure locations:


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Kuzomen: accommodation and other travel practicalities

Guest house: Irina Mikhailovna Deryabina,  +7 921 709 7980.





















If you get stuck, call Alexei, +7 911 308 0311. His huge 3-axle ZIL truck will pull your jeep out of anywhere.


Off to Kuzomen

Photo by Snowman_pro from Kirovsk. Recommend.

kuzomenVillage of Kuzomen, Ter coast of the White Sea, about 300km east from Kandalaksha. This polar desert is a favorite place of Uncle Pasha on the Ter edge of the Kola Peninsula.

Stories about their wildness may have been slightly exaggerated

Kuzomen, last summer. The famous wild horses easily agreed to domestication in exchange for bread and cabbage.

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South Kola

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