A wedding in the Khibiny Mountains

The Kukisvumchorr ski resort http://www.25chorr.ru/

Downhill skiers Maria and Ivan celebrated their wedding here today.

Photo from the downhill skiing complex in VKontakte: 
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Olenegorsk to Murmansk cross-country bicycle race August 6 2016

bike-marathonIt is a beginner-level 108km bike marathon. Starts at Olenegorsk at the Murmansk Highway, at 10am, and proceeds via country trails through Laplandia, Taybola, Pushnoy, Loparskaya, Magnetity, Kil’dinstroy, and Zverosovkhoz. That’s your chance to explore Kola region back roads!

One can register till August 5 by writing to chereda51-murmansk@yandex.ru. Indicate if you need to be delivered from Murmansk to Olenegorsk.

More at velomurman.ru

Teriberka festival August 12-14

teriberka-2I wrote about it before, and here I’d like to confirm that it is indeed happening in two weeks.

And Alexandra personally spoke with local border guards who confirmed that there are no restrictions to foreigner access to Teriberka.

Recent Reindeer Herder’s Day in Lovozero

The Celebration of the North and Reindeer Herder’s Day are held in Lovozero every year in the 20s of March. The event includes reindeer and dog sled races, ski races, and winter football. A artisans fair is held and Saami national cooking offered. Here are a few photos from the most recent event that took place March 19-20 by Oleg Filonok.


Why are their tongues stuck out? The reindeer has nearly no sweat glands, so when it runs it sticks it tongue out to stay cool, the way dogs do. more >>

Grand Prix Race Car on Lovozero Ice

In a race for attention and publicity a race car was brought to Lovozero and raced on the lake ice, reaching the speed of 255km/hr, which is supposed to be a record for such a situation.

Cross-country motorcycle races in Polarnyye Zori on March 19 2016

motorcycle-racesLocation: Motorcycle race track “behind the canal”, Polarnye Zori.

Date: March 19 2016.

Time: 12 noon.

Dedicated to “The day troops were pulled out of Afghanistan”, which explains the Kalashnikov machine gun on the poster.


Kandalaksha residents won silver in racing in sleighs down natural slopes

naturbahnKandalaksha residents Pavel Porshnev and Ivan Lazarev won second place in the Italian stage of Naturbahn world cup.

The gold winners are Italians Patrick Pinieter and Florian Clara.

Russians Glexander Yegorov and Petr Popov got bronze.

Crazy Russian closing of winter season – snowboarding in slush


A group of snow enthusiasts based in the city of Kirov have closed the winter season by trying to cross a semi-thawed lake in the hills around the city.



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Water tourism competition

On the last weekend of May, as usual, there was a water tourism competition where rivers Kola and Kitsa merge.

Four and two-person catamarans and kayaks participated in the competition, including the exercise on pulling capcised catamarans to the shore.

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