Water tourism competition

On the last weekend of May, as usual, there was a water tourism competition where rivers Kola and Kitsa merge.

Four and two-person catamarans and kayaks participated in the competition, including the exercise on pulling capcised catamarans to the shore.

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Kandalaksha Bay Cup 2015

Inter-regional yacht competition will be held June 27-July 3 near Chupa organized by the Sea Yacht Club of Chupa.

chupa_yaht_clubThe regatta starts with a qualifying commission at Sonostrov on June 27 2015. Then the regatta moves through Umba (June 29), and Kandalaksha (June 30). A so-called “port race” will be held in Kandalaksha for the Kandalaksha Administration prize. The place to observe the race is from the Monastyrski Navolok (east end of Kandalaksha). The race ends on July 3 in Chupa, Karelia. Participants, spectators, and event sponsors are invited.

Regatta route:

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A festival of the North in Lovozero

A traditional yearly Festival of the North and the Reindeer Herder’s Day took place in Lovozero on March 21-22. Photo by Igor Yagupov (Murmansk):

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The May fun

We are starting to get enquiries about the best time to visit these places. Speaking of May, when the first surge of visitors happens, the average temperature in May is about 10 ° C. However, it can be up to 20 on certain days. Sometimes you can even sunbathe and ride a bike at the end of May. But there is still snow in the mountains so biking and sunbathing can be combined with mountain skiing or snowboarding.

Here is an example of skiing in May on Okatyeva mountain, about 20 km east of Kandalaksha, between Luvenga and Kolvica. Video by Alexander Trunkovsky

Reindeer Herder’s Day Celebration approaching

A reminder. Feast of the North and the Reindeer Herder’s Day will be held at the end of March in Lovozero. The main attraction is reindeer races. We will try to visit them.

Reindeer Racing 2012. Photo by Irina Sitdikova

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Winter swimming competition in Murmansk March 20-22

ice-swimming-murmanskApplications are being accepted now. As of the moment there have been 54 of them, of which 28 are from foreign participants. It is to be held at the Semonovskoye lake under the monument to the defenders of the polar region.

Last year there were 200 participants.

What to see/do if you are staying in Kandalaksha for 1-3 days

kandalakshaHere is a summary of attractions that await a hurried traveller through our town.

The classics: museums and souvenirs

For nature lovers

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“Critical mass” bicycle rally, Murmansk, July 13

critical_massA reminder by Murmansk cyclists that they exist and deserve respect. The event starts at 2pm from the filling station at the crossing of Kolsky prospekt and ulitsa Kooperativnaya, by an advertising billboard. Found at www.hibiny.com.