Ex-president Jimmy Carter fishing in Kola

Джимми Картер, Мурманск, поной, сша. президент, рыбалка, серебро понояYes, this week. The whole of the week your ex-president is salmon-fishing on the Ponoy river, east end of the Kola Peninsula. It is reported that last time he was fishing in Russia was in Kamchatka two years ago.

Source: bloger51.com

Fishing on the Kola Peninsula

fishPresenting The Atlantic Salmon Reserve (ASR) is the world’s first conservation area for Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, Wild Brown Trout and Arctic Char. The primary aim is to sustain and develop the fantastic Salmon and Trout fishing within this area, whilst preserving and protecting this pristine and uninhabited wilderness for the benefit of future generations.

The whole of Varzuga in one photo

See a series of Varzuga photos at varandej.livejournal.com/393308.html. The photographer, the famous Varandej, managed to capture the whole village on both sides of the Varzuga river in one shot. My hat off!

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