Recent Reindeer Herder’s Day in Lovozero

The Celebration of the North and Reindeer Herder’s Day are held in Lovozero every year in the 20s of March. The event includes reindeer and dog sled races, ski races, and winter football. A artisans fair is held and Saami national cooking offered. Here are a few photos from the most recent event that took place March 19-20 by Oleg Filonok.


Why are their tongues stuck out? The reindeer has nearly no sweat glands, so when it runs it sticks it tongue out to stay cool, the way dogs do. more >>

Murmansk. Photos from the meeting in memory of Boris Nemtsov

The meeting took place at 1pm yesterday, with about 50 attending, in a park on Ulitsa Leningradskaya by the memorial to the victims of political repressions. No accidents from the meeting have been reported.

Here are a few photos from Nord News:

nemtsov-murmansk-2nemtsov-murmansk-1 nemtsov-murmansk-3 nemtsov-murmansk-4 nemtsov-murmansk-5

About 100 “Syrian” refugees are said to be temporarily housed in Kandalaksha

finland-borderRumours are that they are staying at the Polar Star hotel. About 5-6 of them manage to get to Finland through the Salla crossing  control point per day using beat up old cars as transportation instead of bicycles, now banned by the Finnish side. Another 10 or so are sent back home from Russia after being processed by the Kandalaksha court. Jounalists interested in covering this subject can now come to Kandalaksha instead of Pechenga.

An interview with a carrier of Syrian refugees

I’ve had two enquiries in response of my previous post on the situation at the Boris-Glebe border crossing point and the nearby industrial town of Nickel. Those tracking the subject may find the following verbatim translation of an interview with an unnamed refugee runner, posted on Bloger51, interesting.

A belated note on Nov. 7 demonstration in Kandalaksha


A Nov. 7 demonstration from the 70s. From

The scale of the event was not what it used to be in the 70s but still Kandalaksha Communist remembered the date of the “Great October Socialist Revolution” celebrated, due to a mishap with Julian and Gregorian calendars, on Nov. 7.

Local communists and members of the “Fair Russia” party assembled by School No. 1 and proceeded to the main square, when they held a meeting by the T-34 tank.

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Salvation Army in Murmansk

Слева направо: А.Слащев, К.Кристиансен, У.Клейвен, Х.Тургерсен. Фото: Frelsesarmeen.

Photo by Norwegian Salvation Army reports that a Norwegian Salvation Army (Frelsesarmeen) project is going full-forward in Murmansk, with a store and a rehabilitation center to be open in February of 2016.
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