Dirt demystified

First-time visitors to Russia often express surprise at the amount of mud, slush or dust, depending on the time of the year, on roads here. This article from tema.livejournal.com, that I’m even tempted to translate into English although pictures make the story almost obvious, explains why it happens here but not in other countries with similar climate. Highly recommended whether you seek to satisfy curiosity or are on a search for the cultural code. That’s why I’m placing this recommendation for the mud story to the Background reading category.

Car Rental in Kirovsk

From around $40 per day for a self-driven Lada to $300 for a passenger van complete with a driver said to be well oriented in the area. See prokat-kirovsk.ru or vk.com/prokat.kirovsk.khibiny.

They also offer bike and snowmobile rental.

A collection of Russian road situations

My hits counter tell me you people are regularly searching for subjects relatd to driving in Russia. Also the note on Haruhisa Watanabe contineus attracting attention. 

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