30 th. miles along USSR borders

travin_glebeOne of the most popular searches that take people here is the story of Haruhisa Watanabe. So you want drama? Fine. Here is another story of a death seeker.

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Thomas W. Knox The Boy Travellers in the Russian Empire, 1887

thomas_w_knoxWhat a delight and a powerful 5pm pick-me-upper!

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A summary in the blog of the Russian in Children’s Book Museum:
Part 1 ~ Part 2

The emphasis is on the practicalities of travel, knowing the difficulties and dangers of Russian roads, and staying safe.

Adding to Pasha’s corner > Backgroun reading.

Life on the Line by Christian Barnett

“A unique book of portraits connecting and celebrating life along the Arctic Circle.” That’s how Mr. Barnett’s creation was announced.


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