Spring exuinox happened yesterday

Spring is here. The Spring equinox was yesterday, with days being longer than nights from today till end of September. A perfect time to visit the Kola Peninsula. Lots of light, the roads are mostly clear, bitter colds are gone yet lots of snow for skiing and snowmobiling, and there is still a good chance of seeing Aurora Borealis. Last night it could be observed right in Kandalaksha, despite lot of local light pollution.

The last floes

These photos were taken May 4-9, near Kandalaksha and Luvenga. Nothing remained of this ice today.
Photo Gennady Alexandrov, Alexandra Goryashko.

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Contrasts of northern nature: butterflies and aurora borealis

2 (4)Spring has begun. The snow is visibly melting every day. Grass is already growing, birds singing, butterflies coming to life.

And at the same time..

Tonight, Imandra lake, a typical deep-winter phenomenon. Photos by Valentine Zhiganov.

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Aurora borealis in March

To see aurora borealis one does not necessarily need to come to the Kola Peninsula in December, into cold and darkness. Aurora is still with us in mid-March, when snow melts and days are 12+ hours long.

First sunrise after the polar night

Every year on January 11 residents of Murmansk come on “Solar Hill” – the highest point of Murmansk, to see the first rays of the sun.

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Winter roads are not only dangerous but darn beautiful

Photos by Igor Prozorov.

The Kandalaksha to Umba road

Near Kandalaksha

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Last sunrays of the year

Natalia Berlina, a researcher of the Lapland Reserve, photographs the last sun rays in the center of the Kola Peninsula. They are back only the middle of January.

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