The Aurora Borealis season is here..


The Cross Mountain, just east from Kandalaksha, last night

Sightings of Aurora Borealis had been reported on August 30 and today, Sept. 2. Here they are, from the VK page of Kandalaksha photographer Igor Prozorov.

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Kola Super Deep Borehole

Since “Kola superdeep borehole” is one of the most common search enquiries that take visitors to my site I’m adding a little note on that location..

In the 70s Russia and the States were not only seeing who will send more rockets to the outer space but also who will drill deeper into the Earth’s crust. Soviets won by going 1/3 of the way through the Baltic shielf with their 7 mile borehole 6 miles west from Zapolarny, which, in turn, is around 100 miles west from Murmansk.

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A Murmansk woman poisoned by salad with sperm from six men reports that a Murmansk woman has recently suffered a food poisoning as a result of eating a store-bought salad. What was left of the salad was subject to expertise that found the sperm of six men in it.


No further details are available in the press except that the victim declined to press charges.

Book freemarket today

book-exchangeThe first ever free book exchange is happening in Kandalaksha today in the City Library No. 3 at ulitsa Piteo 2 from 12 to 5pm.

For information call 8 (8-15-33) 3-42-60.

Americans try drinking Russian-style, followed by typical chasers

Hope the following gets a chuckle out of you. Too bad “sniffing” it with a piece of brown bread was not included, the hard-core drinker style.

Salmon + vodka = 1000 roubles. Salmon alone = 1500.


This post is slightly inebriated. One of the locals offered us a salmon to buy. The price was 1500 for the salmon alone, or 1000 for the fish plus a bottle of vodka. Without questioning the logic of pricing we took both.

Russian citizenship via business or marriage

russian-citizenshipWas pointed to this review of the advantages of getting the Russian citizenship and steps in the process described at In all these years I’ve only had one client who went through it in the relatively liberal 2000s, and it took him a year of full-time work, and by the time he got his permanent residence he came to hate the country and returned to the States in disgust with Russia. Still, I get this question once in a while, and reading this article may be a good place to start.

My Moscow apartment is available for rent starting beginning of July 2015, 55 th. roubles/month

Too bad but our wonderful tenants of two years are leaving us. Thus this Moscow apartment is available for rent starting beginning of July 2015. 5-7 min. from Red Square, 2 rooms + loft, air, washing machine.

Long-term only, 55 th. roubles/month including utilities.

The building was put up by the vodka oligarch Smirnoff in 1903. Window of our apartment, looking onto the canal, are circled in red on the photo above.

The building has its own website, where you can get acquainted with it more closely.

The apartment is quiet, cozy, and charming. Ideal for academics and creative types. All the conditions for intellectual and creative work, as well as romance.

For years I’ve been renting this place out to travellers from abroad, short-term. In the last two years an artistic couple from St. Petersburg, Xenia and Leo, have been occupying it. You can speak with them on how it is to live there.

In view of the fact that apartment owners (us) are presently far from Moscow, we are looking for long-term tenants who will appreciate the location and the apartment itself, quiet and reliable people, with whom we could transact over distance.

Children and animals are welcomed!

We’ll be happy to answer any questions. Write to Tell us something about yourself. It is important for us who lives there.

No agents please. Do not write to us. Under no conditions will we deal with an agent.

About the apartment:

Ceilings 4m. Large windows overlooking the canal. Very quiet.

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Youri Gagarin museum opens in Safonovo just north of Murmansk reports that the house where Gagarin lived during his pre-cosmonaut days while serving for the northern air fleet has been moved to the closed military town of Safonovo ~25km NE from Murmansk, where it has been restored and made part of the local aviation museum exposition.

The museum can be visited “by appointment only” and a permit, said to take about a month to obtain, is required to enter Safonovo.

Museum’s tel. number is  +7(81537)64398.