Hunter-gatherer days: mussels, mushrooms, and two buckets of fucus

Inspired by Alexandra’s stories from the Chupa conference on the biological resources of the White Sea and especially its algae we went out to the littoral to collect said resources that presently appear to be on their way to becoming fashionable in the sense that there is a lot of talk about them being underutilized (see an article on the subject by Olga Maximova, an algologist from Moscow). Got a bucket of fucus to be marinated, a couple of kilograms of mussels, and a few mushrooms. Not much of the latter but enough to make us a dinner. An 8L bucket of fucus yielded three 0.5L jars of marinated product. Repeated the same today, while the weather is good..

Fields of fucus along most of the Kandalaksha Bay and a good part of the south edge of the Kola Peninsula, at least up to Umba. Very occasionally this fucus is collected to be used as a fertilizer but for all practical purposes it remains an untouched resource. 

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