Our traditional August trip to Kuzomen. Some impressions

A large puddle has appeared on the side road to Kuzomen. No way a regular passenger car could cross it.

Set up a camp. Used our jeep as a shield to protect our portable washroom from strong wind (around 20m/s, with gusts up to 25) that was in the forecast.

As the wind started we used pieces of wood scattered around to protect the camper. Helped a bit but there were still two very uncomfortable days and nights ahead.

An arrangement that somehow made itself on the beach.

As we went for a walk before the storm Alexandra found a dying goby-fish on the beach. After a short photo session we threw it as far back to the sea as we could.A lot of small Perigonimus jellyfish washed up ashore from sea depths.
Took a walk around the village of Kuzomen. A mini-museum with Soviet-era items is still there in the “Collective Farm” store.
Something new: a box for donations to feed the local “wild” horses during the winter. Anybody wishing to participate can contact me.Bad news: the school burned down in the spring.
But a new one is nearly complete. All for the sake of two students!
That’s what attempting to wash hair in sea water does
After the storm roads turned into rivers.
And puddles became lakes. One got uncomfortably close to our camp.
But even under these circumstances we managed to eek a bit of pleasure out of life.
The storm is going away..

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