Propane filling station in Kandalaksha

One opened recently at Ulitsa Dorozhnikov 3, tel. 8 921 460 4494. Never had easier time since my Moscow days filling the gas cylinder from our camper.

To those of you who take propane filling stations for granted, I’ll tell how the procedure worked until very recently. One had to go to the municipal filling station on the outskirts of the city. Get a note from there, and proceed to their office in the city. Pay. Pick up a woman who has the key to the storage, and take her to the station. Have your empty cylinder inspected and, if all is well, exchange it for a full one. Take the key woman back. Once I was even made to sign a paper saying that I went through a propane safety course. A major hassle, with every stage of it usually accompanied by having to wait, running into staff lunch breaks or finding the office close for no particular reason. And no, they would not fill cars. The new one does that no problem, as well as household propane tanks. Somebody wrote to me about a year ago asking where he can get his propane-powered car in Kandalaksha, and the answer was that the nearest place was between Apatity and Kirovsk. Now you can do it right here with no hassle whatsoever.

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