Questions on Russian travel (in particular to the north-west of European part of the country), working, or living are most welcomed. Write to, contact me via Skype at Uncle_Pasha_2011, or use chat at the bottom right corner of this page.

In emergency call +7 921 155 5432. My unmoderated uncensored no registration hassles FORUM is a good place to take up issues that may be of interest to other travellers.

I hear that modern sophisticated characters like you prefer contact forms rather than writing these God-awful prehistoric e-mail. Anything to entice you to become my client. Here is the form:

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That’s not a joke. I’ve had complaints that people could not contact me because there was no contact form. Here.

Check out this summary of what I can do for an independent traveller,especially the one with a “mission”, eg. a journalist or a film-maker.

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