Seen five White-throated dippers at a time

Normally this little and rare (several hundred pairs in the entire Murmansk Region) birdie lives in a rather dispersed fashion, with one to three pairs per 10km of stream. But today we have been observing at least five individuals at once, diving into bubbling water to get their bugs and worms and what not.

Location: [deleted on the request of Alexandra, who expressed concerns this post may attract crowds of bird watchers who would disturb the dipper… I’ll just say it is along the road from Kandalaksha to Varzuga, along the south edge of the Kola Peninsula. Details will be provided if you write to assuring Alexandra that you are a responsible birder]. 

Last time I saw this little fellow was in the middle of the winter a year or two ago, at -15C, when it kept on diving as if it was summertime. Just looking at it gave me shivers. 

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Seen five White-throated dippers at a time — 2 Comments

  1. It’s great you have these little birds. But it’s not a good idea to disturb them or to invite academics birds scientists to stomp through the taiga and tundra to even possibly kidnap and kill the birds for universities zoology collections!!

    • That’s why Alexandra told me to delete their exact location. I highly doubt however that anyone would travel there because of this little post of mine. Oh well, let’s keep the location secret..

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