Car Rental in Kirovsk

From around $40 per day for a self-driven Lada to $300 for a passenger van complete with a driver said to be well oriented in the area. See or

They also offer bike and snowmobile rental.

Bike rental in Kandalaksha

There have been several attempts to set up bike rental in Kandalaksha, most recently, in Summer 2012, by the Belomorye hotel. None succeeded.

But I just got a word that a new one, this time by big-time cycling fanatics, is brewing. At the head of it is a character who claims out loud that, had humanity opted for bicycles as the main mode of locomotion, things would stink much less than they now do. I, as a skeptic, pointed to China and Cambodgia and other places full of both bikes and violence. To that an older member of the cycling cult responded saying that bikes must be “by choice, not out of need”, and I was beaten.

pyzo_pivo1-300x276As a former enthusiast of this mode of transportation in my pre- giant beer-belly days I’m monitoring the bike rental scene and will announce out loud when/if that happens.

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