The whole of Varzuga in one photo

See a series of Varzuga photos at The photographer, the famous Varandej, managed to capture the whole village on both sides of the Varzuga river in one shot. My hat off!

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A home base for filming crews

somewhere_in_vologda_largeA 4WD truck, with a camper in tow, complete with a driver with 30 years of accident-free record (something tells me a big one is coming), a qualified translator, and all-around fixer (Uncle Pasha himself in all of these roles), with secretarial support from the home office (usually provided by Alexandra) is available to filming crews and serious explorers of the area.

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The Dyatlov Pass

The Dyatlov Pass Incident was filmed in Kirovsk.

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Filming locations

Kandalaksha and area offer a huge variety filming backdrops. Sea, ice, and snow is our main asset. Hills too. If you need decays and neglect that’s most definitely it. Hills and the sea make seasons co-exist. In early June it is spring by the sea but you can still find fields of snow in the hills. It Kandalaksha it is late fall in the middle of October but in Monchegorsk, 100km north, it will be deep winter. See Categories > Filmimg & photography and posts tagged Filming Locations.

Filmed in Kandalaksha

Director and cameraman Sergey Tsihanovich. Filming in the Kandalaksha Reserve

Director and cameraman Sergey Tsihanovich. Filming in the Kandalaksha Reserve

A list of films made in and around Kandalaksha. Also I’ve counted at least 20 made in the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve.





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Another treat for a connoisseur of decay

Ulitsa Frunzhe, abandoned military barracks. Acres and acres of surreal ruins with life still simmering among them.

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Kuzomen. Arctic horses in polar desert.

Probably the most surreal place I’ve ever seen.

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