Herbarium of the Kandalaksha State Nature Reserve

Founded in 1949, contains about 8000 specimen.

The largest collection of all Russian arctic reserves and third largest, among all Russian reserves.

Abbreviation in the international nature reserves database: KAND (2008).

Kandalaksha herbarium in the New York Botanical Garden catalogue >>

Kandalaksha Reserve. Rare birds.


Photo Mikhail Melnikov

White Goose(Chen caerulescens)very rare nests in the Murmansk region. The first nest in the Kandalaksha Reserve was found in 2010 on the Maly Licky island (остров Малый Лицкий). One of the geese parents had a ring. By number ring set that this bird was marked in Germany and met later in Italy and Sweden.


Photo Mikhail Melnikov

A Russia Today film on the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve

rt“The lands occupied by the the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve established in 1932 to protect and study the population of …., spread over a territory that covers blah-blah-blah.” Brezhnev-era type commentary. But nice images.


A documentary about the Kandalaksha nature reserve

2Morskaya soroka (Oystercatcher, or Haematopus ostralegus). English subtitles. The film got numerous prizes and awards. Highly recommended.