Olenegorsk, “Deer mountain city”


A town of 20+ thousand, ~100km south from Murmansk, built around an iron ore mine in the 50s. A local transportation hub, with a railroad and a bus station. One can get to Lovozero or Revda by public transit only via Olenegorsk – I’m at the moment searching for a way to get to Lovozero without a car because I have an interpreting assignment there on Jan. 15th while our car is thinking of losing one of its wheels, and that’s what prompted me to write this note on Olenegorsk.

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I knew it was coming but now it’s official

Today Mr. Putin made an announcement about plans to heavily militarize the arctic region. At a glance I didn’t find anything about restricting foreigner access. But those into submarine graveyards and other typically Russian things better hurry. Access to these areas is very likely to be blocked soon if it isn’t already.