Last days of November

Kandalaksha today. Sunrise 11.54. Sunset 15.22. Intended to prove to Uncle Pasha who refuses to see things except in the darkest of light that it is livable and even pleasant here.



Middle of the day




Winter starts in November


A view from the Cross Mounain

By Alexandra Goryashko

Winter here starts in November. That does not mean however that life comes to a standstill. But another sort of life starts. It is still daylight for 6-7 hours. Enough time to walk around. Enough snow for skiing or sledding. But not too much so walking and cycling is perfectly easy too.

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Kola area photos by Varandej (Ilya Boyanovsky)

A series of photos of Far North towns and villages, with a slant towards industry, decay, anthropology, and winter. By Ilya Boyanovsky. Texts are very much worth reading even though they are all in Russian.



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