Alexandra back from Finland

She ventured there on a bus and made it as far as Kemijarvi and Rovaniemi. No lineup at the Salla crossing, no strip searches, all smooth and easy. Very happy with the Landmark Travel Hotel in Rovaniemi. Stories coming up. Compared to Russia things there seem so simple and straight-forward as to be hardly worth documenting.

Transportation to Finland – Area trips, Finland, Norway. Murmansk-region wide. (link down as of April 1 2015) – Focused on Finland and Norway, and in based in Kandalaksha.

Real cheap (4000R or $130) including overnight accommodation to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. Details coming up soon. Alexandra is at the moment doing a trial trip.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi is the nearest big town from the Salla border crossing, and that’s where Kandalaksha and area people go shopping.  – In Russian 🙁 but very informative so I’m adding it here anyway.

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Lapland (Northern Finland)

I’m adding to my list to be checked out later but at a glance it offers on their end the same in-depth tourism I was trying to do on ours. But site looks suspiciously too smooth to be graded as authentic. Perhaps someone will do the homework instead of me… Oh, there is the explanation: a note the the bottom left that seems to imply EU funding. I want it too!

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