What to see/do if you are staying in Kandalaksha for 1-3 days

kandalakshaHere is a summary of attractions that await a hurried traveller through our town.

The classics: museums and souvenirs

For nature lovers

volostnayaMake sure you are properly dressed and footed for forest, tundra, and rock. Remember about gnats and mosquitoes during warm season!

  • Eco-trail “Kandalakasha coast” and Kandalaksha labyrinth. You can explore it on your own or with a guide (by prior arrangement). The trail is 3km long but don’t plan to be done sooner than in 3-5 hours.
  • Volostnaya (Volosyanaya) Hill. The trail starts a couple of kilometers east from the city.
  • Kolvitsa Waterfalls, near the village of Kolvitsa, 30km east from Kandalaksha.
  • There also is the seal-feeding custom but I’d rather not to attract travellers’ attention to this practice because hand-feeding baby seals leads to them losing fear of humans and all that comes with it, and thus their mass death.

skiFor those into sports and fitness or other “activity”

Bicycle rides. Recently bike rental was announced, with two bikes available at the rate of 500 roubles ($15) per day, or 100-150 roubles/hour. Call +7 921 036 7662 (Ivan) or +7 902 137 0607 (Andrey). Two bikes are also available from Uncle Pasha, this site’s owner.

Quadrocycle rental >>

Hydrocycle and snow scooters. Mikhail, 8 921 271 08 508 911 307 39 02.

Diving. The Gandvik Co. can be of assistance with that. Call +7 921 275 01 71. Based in Palkina Guba.

Snow scooters and downhill skiing. Right by the eastern exit from the city, near the Cross Mountain, is a downhill skiing complex with a lighted track, a lift, and a hotel. Skiis and snowboards can be rented there too. Their page >>

Cross-country skis and skates. Micro-district Niva-3, “Metallurg” Sports Palace, Kirovskaya Alley 2a, 8 (81533) 7 26 77. They have a skating ring and a stadium. Another skating ring is at Danilova 28, tel. 8 (81533) 9 31 82, and skate rental is also available.

For the connoisseurs of things old and historic

Visit the so-called “Lower Kandalaksha”, or “Japan”, where the city originated in the 16th century. Not much but some signs of the past can still be found. Included is the Monastery Cape.

mon_mysFor taphophiles

The old Pomor cemetery on the Monastery Cape and Serbian graves.



oficer_houseFor lovers of ruins

For you Kandalaksha could be a discovery. A huge number of ruins, and half of them are quite picturesque. The greatest concentration of buildings in various stages of decay is in the ex-military part of town (ul. Frunze). The main attraction is the Officers House. Hurry up till it has fallen apart completely. See


12Lovers of the Soviet past and degradation
(our favourite type of traveller)

We recommend bar “Okolitsa” and Stolovaya No.12, and will always happy to visit these places with you.

..As an extra, there are white night. True white nights, not St. Petersburg grayness. These are from end of May to end of July. And in November and December there is a nearly full polar night, with 2-3 hours of daylight.

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