A small mid-October camping trip

This last weekend I was made to drag my ass along the south edge of the Kola Peninsula to the so-called Nos (“nose”) Cape, just east of the Golden Gate and Tetrina fishing base and ~3 miles to the village of Kuzreka. The latter is famous as the site of the Pomor ritual cookie festival and is, incidentally, open to foreign travellers despite Russian submarines regularly surfacing in the bay.


A popular summer destination among the locals, in the middle of October it was populated only by us, a fishing family from Apatity, and a bear who left numerous footprints


and other evidence of its presence.



The main thing is that Alexandra’s mood has noticeably and near-instantly improved. Before and after:







Compared to other places favoured by campers this one has fairly – remarkably – little trash.

To get there turn left (if going east from Kandalaksha) about 300 yards from River Chernaya (“black”), drive through the field, and on reaching the sea turn right. I’d recommend you drive along the sea coast during low tide as opposed to the official dirt road regularly crossed by streams.

A few atmospheric photos:




This appears to be a functional fishing camp, not a tourist attraction.


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