$25 accommodation in the very center of Moscow

13Maroseyka, steps from KGB, right behind the Drugs Control Committee. What’s the catch? It is a shelf in the kitchen. Long enough to stretch your 5’8″ soul case but not much more. “Not much more” includes access to a toilet that actually flushes and a bathroom with running water, hot and cold except for part of the summer. A washing machine. Even WiFi. A bike too twice as old as an average travelling loser like you. But that’s it. The place is such a cluttered dump that even roaches shy away. At least I haven’t seen any in one of my many visits to Dimitry, who in effect seems to have taken over my slum landlord niche.

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Still way better than paying $30 for a hostel bed in a room shared with 4-8. The apartment is populated by one quiet Russian, and a Russian and German couple who are often away. The environment is a dump but not a crowded dump. No lineup to the washroom, and the kitchen is rarely used. The issue I guess is anti-aesthetics. Unless you into Soviet history and want to experience the “kommunalka” concept.

28Also available from Dimitry is his dacha. Yes, $600/month for a whole house, with heating and plumbing and an indoor toilet, within almost commuting distance from Moscow! Here >>

Write to to dsharvin@gmail.com with a copy to me to unclepasha@kandalaksha.su. Dimitry tends to reply fast and to the point. Fluent English too. Very easy to deal with. Perhaps THE easiest landlord you are going to find in this land.

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