30 th. miles along USSR borders

travin_glebeOne of the most popular searches that take people here is the story of Haruhisa Watanabe. So you want drama? Fine. Here is another story of a death seeker.

In 1928-1931, when the Civil War bloodshed, starvation, and other hardships where over but the cult of Stalin and hunt for “enemies of the people” has not yet become the only national pastime, there was a period of mass surge of enthusiasm and an abundance of big plans. One of these new “men of iron”, Glebe Travkin, took a trip along the USSR borders. On a bike dubbed “iron reindeer”. Iron was the symbol of time times. Too bad the story is available only in Russian. It is just do typical of for those days of euphoria. If nothing else enjoy the photos. In addition to its value in conveying the Zeitgeist the story itself contains vivid descriptions of dangers awaiting a solo arctic traveller. As of 1977 Glebe Travkin was still alive, well, and planning to repeat the feat, this time on an automobile however. See



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