30th anniversary Summer Saami Games, June 13, Lovozero

The celebration will be held by the Popovskoye lake of the Lovozero village, 220km from Kandalaksha.

In the program: folk groups, national sports competition: throwing the loop over horns, arbalet shooting, running with a stick, rowing, and Saami women’s football.


Saami women’s football. Photo by Oleg Filonok

A fair of crafts by Saami masters. Saami food.

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No problem with foreigners attending the event.

Please note that there is no deer at the Sami Games. In the summer the deer are grazing far from the village.

Photo by Oleg Filonok

Photo by Oleg Filonok

For additional information call (81538) 40139 and (81538) 40363, or e-mail to lovozero-tic@mail.ru

Photo by Oleg Filonok

Photo by Oleg Filonok

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