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As my contribution to reducing the amount of data clutter choking the information universe I’ve turned off old, unfinished, or inactive projects, and am killing pages of particularly low quality, which are numerous. Some neglected domains have been redirected here, to Kandalaksha and the Kola Peninsula. A mismatch in page URLs between sites was unavoidable, thus this 404. If looking for Kandalaksha, Kola Peninsula, or anything between Moscow and Murmansk, you are just where you want to be. Contents are listed on your left. Also try search, it seems to work well. You are welcomed and invited to e-mail me. It’s manfriday@yandex.ru

I’m still pretty much in touch with what’s happening in Moscow and Moscow-related questions are welcomed too. Whatever really valuable was in www.cheap-moscow.com is now being moved to the Moscow category here.

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  1. Dear Paul,
    thank you for your invitation to join you on facebook, but I find these social sites to be far too invasive of ones privacy. As far as I’m concerned,the less that’s known about me the better. If you wish to contact me please use my e-mail address and welcome.

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