Who? Me?! Overreacting?!!

somerset-asylum-by-k-drakeTurned the TV on the other day. I regularly do that to maintain my habitual and comfortable depression level for the fear of becoming a regular annoying happy (_*_) orifice. [hide-this-part morelink=”read the rest”]Immediately I was treated to Mr. Putin’s speech where our leader said out loud that the Russian national mental set is characterized by willingness to die for a higher cause, whatever this cause is, and this Todestrieb is somehow bundled with generosity, another fundamental of our character. I was hoping to write this off to the onset of senility or after-lunch torpor but no, today I ran into a transcript of the speech. “Death for the sake of… the nation contains deep roots of our patriotism.. …our country is large, and this reflects our greatness and generosity.” Non-sequitors make me uncomfortable, and those containing words like “death”, “heroism”, and “greatness”, with “generosity” thrown in completes the absurdity, scare me shitless. Especially when these things are said by those in power, and even more when they are well received by 150 million.   …40 minutes, later, and I still can’t get rid of a mini-obsession as to how generosity can be causally linked to the centuries-old propensity to invate neighbours.[/hide-this-part]

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