Norwegians in Murmansk, Lovozero and around

Here is a story by Kristin Evju from her Norwegians’ group September 2017 visit to the local cultural Sami events in Murmansk and Lovozero, with a detour to Seidjavr Lake, with the assistance of Mikhail Barakovsky, with whose support I took two Swedish journalists to see reindeer keepers a couple of years ago.

The story is of the “atmospheric” type, with not much in the way of practical details, but a would-be traveler can, and are encouraged to contact us for these.

Back from Lovozero

2What took me to Lovozero this time was an interpreting (and trip organizational in general) assignment by two Swedish journalists dispatched here to write about the life of Saami. They’ve promised to provide a copy of the article that I will, of course, share with you.

We met in Apatity where I got by train, having wimped out of the idea of driving 200km through icy roads in a blizzard and -30C. The train trip from Kandalaksha to Apatity cost 700+ roubles ($14) and lasted an hour and a half. Lots of empty seats on the train, probably no need to buy tickets in advance during the off-season period.

I first researched the option of a train to Olenegorsk and then a bus but it turned out there was no direct bus to Lovozero from Olenegorsk, the nearest station on the Murmansk railroad. Here is the bus schedule at Olenegorsk:

olenegorsk-bus-schedule more >>

Tourist attractions in Lovozero

The Sami Center

The most conspicuous building in Lovozero is the Sami Cultural Center. Can’t miss it. The main street (ul. Sovetskaya) starts at the Sami Center. Exhibitions and events are regularly held there but you can’t count on these being there at the time of your visit. According to their site you can order workshops or other sort of entertainment. But we haven’t tried. We’ve walked in with a dumb questioin “What’s there to see for a tourist”. After a short talk about the center and how it works we were escorted to what appeared like the key authority on local life – Mikhail Barakovsky. more >>